Friday, July 14, 2017

Multiple Exposure

It's now been, what, almost 11? weeks since my last post, way back in those distant spring days past, when I was being kept blog honest by the Daily Art Heart project. Just thought I’d pay a visit and leave some fresh content here, before I forget it altogether, and with it, that handful of faithful readers still unaccountably attentive to this space. 

Most of my daily photography, from casual to dead serious, lately lands on Instagram and Facebook, so feel free to seek me out in those locales. I like that social media, at least as I make use of them, don’t demand lengthy considered text accompaniments to the visuals – in fact, discourage such a time consuming, mind stretching practice. Sometimes, even for such a word freak as myself, there really is not much to say, or worth saying, or heck, I just don't feel like it. 

But yesterday I fulfilled a longtime intention left over from that other lapsed discipline, the Self Portrait Project, to experiment with multiple exposure – which function I only recently discovered my camera can perform. Understand, 7 years ago my new (and first) digital camera came with a 300 page owner's manual I still haven't read cover to cover. It might also be able to transport me to other times and dimensions, I'll get back (or forward) to you on that one. I do know it can’t do multiple exposures in a timer/tripod setting - maybe - so this particular experiment only went as far as arm’s length, literally, as I came as close to taking phone style selfies with a real camera as my fancy pants photography snobbery will allow. 

Still, it was fun, and illuminating, and speaking of timing, occurred on a day when I was in exactly the frame of mind whose resident thoughts only multiple frames could convey – all over the place and all over each other, inconsistently focused, recognizable only in bits and pieces, and ultimately not amounting to anything much, while also being difficult to look away from – which may explain why I haven’t written any blog posts lately. 

So have a look at these and enjoy, if only due to gratitude you are outside my head looking in, and not inside looking out. Happy Summer, all.  


  1. Definetly inttriguing. And powerful. 'My' self is fragmented too. And not always comfortable. And rarely fits any definition of beauty.
    I don't play FB or instagram but wish you well. Always.

    1. Well,thank you EC. Definitions of beauty are overrated. And do beauty a disservice. Like truth, it just is what it is, uncomfortable, fragmented and all. Thanks for visiting! Well wishes right back.