Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Daily Art Heart: Week Four

Day 22

Week Four of this project was, um, interesting. This is what chronic insomnia looks like, when the day begins with giving up, instead of getting up. 

 Day 23

And then I stayed up all night, and slept all the next day – on and off, which is how I have slept for over a year now. One of these days I will awaken rested and ready for the day, instead of already negotiating how little I can get away with doing and promising tomorrow will be better. 

 Day 24

When in doubt, fold a paper heart, and let the metaphors take care of themselves.

 Day 25

March came in like a lion this year, and went out like a different lion. One final ice and snow storm provided my deck with an accumulation of wet white crunchiness the consistency of a frozen margarita, adding to this week’s themes of division and fragility elements of the transitory and the broken, not to mention a numb finger.

 Day 26

When a dead leaf understands exactly how I feel.

 Day 27

Back to back with myself. Because everywhere I go, there I am, my own better half.

 Day 28

Yesterday I was thinking about the self portrait project I abandoned a while ago when both the photographer and the model ran out of energy and enthusiasm. The shoots I was conceiving, planning, undertaking and editing were quite demanding physically, intellectually and emotionally, the sort of thing you can only do when you’re at your best and beyond. I’ve been far less than that lately, but I miss the process, and I miss the artist who was once equal to it. This image is from a test shot I did for a shoot 2 years ago. Maybe it’s cheating to recycle old images, but this little photo flipping exercise worked so nicely with this week’s batch of images, it counts as new. Sometimes all you’ve got is what you were, and while you wait for yourself to return, you just have to find ways of making that as beautiful as possible.    


  1. Not cheating at all.
    The old is a part of who you are. Sometimes a much missed part.

    1. Yes. And it doesn't have to be about fond nostalgia for something forever lost. I do believe in embracing change, but some things already in place can be reclaimed or retrieved or reinvented. We focus too much these days on "letting go" and "moving on." I don't want to let go of and move on from me. I want to gather everything I have been through and take it along, the best and the worst, and how all of those pieces combine and recombine is part of the journey. Thanks for reading, EC! Hugs back.