Sunday, June 9, 2013

Now on Facebook

Well, folks, as I wrote three years ago when I joined the Blogger Bandwagon so late I had to sprint to catch up with it, (and two years earlier when thanks to me the number of people on earth without a cellphone dropped from 12 to 11) - look out for flying pigs and bring your winter coat to hell, because it is officially never, as in “I will NEVER get a Facebook page.”

I enter upon this new endeavor with a mixture of trepidation and eagerness. I am not quite sure it will increase my online connections in either quality or quantity – I am hoping for both, in the same measure. Like so many of the other popular things I have avoided (blockbuster movies, say, or a well-rated new restaurant) this is one of those things that I knew I would eventually get around to trying, when it felt like the right time. Up until now, it hasn’t felt that way, and now it does.

As those of you who still read this blog (and I know who you are and thank you from the bottom of my heart for your probably somewhat undeserved loyalty) must sense, I am at a crossroads. It seems as if I have been in transitions of one form or another since this blog began. I’ve moved from one state to another, one artistic focus to another, and one income source to another. I am grown weary of waking up each day not able to visualize or confidently predict the picture or pattern of my life in the next year, or the next month. What will be the structure of my days? My surroundings? My companions? What purpose? What goals? Once again, the answers could be just about anything, which may seem liberating, but only in the sense of having free will to open any door in front of you – when most are locked, and the rest could have behind them a tiger, an abyss, a desert, or home. And by the way, no do-overs. Do-overs are earned by spending at least a few months to a few years making your way back to the Chamber of Many Doors.

In honor of the overkill that is the heart and soul of the Facebook Phenomenon, I am launching my own private media blitz once I hit the publish button for this post by sending out a Newsletter via email to announce this post and my new Facebook page, where I will announce my Newsletter and this blog post. Then I will add a link on this blog to the Newsletter and probably spend the rest of the day adding the FB icon to all the virtual places to which I have never been able to add such an icon. 

Who knows, maybe next you’ll see me driving a car. No – that is the one case when Never Means Never.


  1. I can't follow you on Facebook - but wish you only good things. And admire your courage.

    1. EC - still learning the ways of FB, but I do believe my account is set up as a "business page" and should be accessible to those without their own FB accounts. I know this because for the past years, I have not been able to follow personal pages without a login, but I have been able to see business pages. Or something. So you can view me anytime, you just can't sign up for alerts. Which may be a relief!

      At any rate, I know you and I can always find each other here, and I do still intend to post the meatier stuff in this space - a tiny FB posting box is not room enough for my expansive thoughts! Ahem! All the best to you...

  2. following! :) It's actually quite fun and does not take that much time to muck about on. Photographs are the big impact!
    you can follow me back. ;) xx

    1. Thanks Louise - I think I will be spending much of today mucking about and then taper off to a more reasonable amount! As I said above, I am learning the difference between how biz and personal pages work, and interact, thanks to some recent changes by the FB Higher Powers. They don't each have the same capabilities, and can actually do things biz to biz that can't be done biz to personal and vice versa. A challenge! Now I must leave this space and go - gulp - check my facebook page! Words I never - there's that word again - thought I'd write. I appreciate your following!