Friday, August 17, 2012

Indefinitely Suspended

Readers of my last post will know that I have decided to suspend this blog until further notice. But since this space has come to function more as a website than a traditional blog, in the meantime, visitors are welcome to peruse my past posts, accessible in the sidebar in chronological order under the BLOG ARCHIVE heading, or under MY MOST VISITED POSTS can find quick links to a selection of those writings that have received the most attention in the past two years.

Winter 2012 Update: Through the holiday season, all publications and prints on demand remain available for sale here on my site. For a limited time I am offering free shipping on all orders of my crocheted creations purchased through my ETSY SHOPRutland VT area residents can visit me at the Farmer's Market on West Street, where every Saturday is Small Business Saturday. I'll be there every weekend through winter and spring, with new offerings each time.

This time of year my inventory changes quickly, so let me know if you see something you like and would like set aside. And I am always happy to discuss custom work. Reach me at:

Many thanks,


  1. I'll miss your posts but the title of this one gives some hope. I really hope to see more of your creative and inspiring photos. I wish you the best.

    1. Thanks, James. I did want to leave the door open just a crack in case I come back this way again! Wishing you all the best as well.

  2. I know I don't comment much but really, your blog is one of my favourites. I always love everything you write, the way you write, and your wonderful photographs. I hope you will continue doing this, even if just for yourself, as you are very talented in words and pictures. x

  3. When and if you return to the blogosphere you will be welcomed with open arms. In the meantime all I can wish you is creativity, happiness and love. For you and yours.

  4. Louise and EC - thank you both so much. Believe me, it isn't lack of good readers that prompted my decision! It means a lot to be followed by such as yourselves - whether you comment or not, I can feel your support and sympathy. Wishing you the best.

  5. I will miss your good thoughts and wonderful positive energy (and your amazing comments) in the blogosphere, but I know that quiet time is essential to regain perspective and redirect energy - both amazingly good things that are sorely needed in this world at this time.

    Hugs and love and I will always be with you in spirit on your journey,

    1. Phoenix, I feel the same about the quality and honesty of writing I've always encountered in your blog. So much about the online experience is about being drowned in evermore diluted outpourings of information - but when I read your words I feel as if I'm conversing with an old and dear friend. Far from hiding behind virtual personae, I'm sure we would feel exactly the same if we met in person. Life is taking some, shall we call it, "interesting" turns lately, and I have both a lot of thinking and a lot of doing to do. I'm keeping an eye on Blogger meantime to continue to receive much needed inspiration from the select few Bloggers who really make the medium live up to its full potential - yourself foremost among them. Best wishes to you on your own journey. I'm sure you will always find - or make - wonderful things along the way.

  6. I liked Sypenn.
    It was my Rocunrol to rock on.
    The Mussec shot me to the Starz!
    How to make a Zoando with Zoots.
    I know what you mean by redirecting your energy.
    Hollywood Carpet Cleaning needs to vent with Carmen.
    So does Pthure - Teleange.
    Utah to Newfoundland.