Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Visual Summary

Old Times

Last week, on the day that I donated blood for the first time, another momentous event was taking place in the center of the city. Some 212 vintage vehicles parked in downtown Rutland as part of the Model T Ford Club International’s weeklong tour of Rutland County.  It was strange enough to see these cars pass by on local roads throughout the week, but to have so many of them gathered in one place to see and touch was a singular occasion, and seemed the perfect subject for some Holga photography.

 Wheel to Wheel

Of course it was a really bright and hot day, and hard as I tried to cradle my camera out of direct sunlight, most of the twelve shots I took were marred by white streaks caused by light leaking into the camera body. I know people who go to great lengths to tape up all the seams of their Holgas so this sort of thing never happens. I actually like the strange unplanned effects that light leaks can create, but like everything else connected to a Holga camera – sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t.

 Last View Before Going Home

Last week I also managed to finish off a roll of regular film that had been sitting in my camera since my trip two months ago to New York City. Reviewing the three dozen images was a visual summary of what I’ve been up to in that time, or at least the things I considered worth recording. Above is the last photo I took at the South Street Seaport before the rain drove me home.

 About to be Blown Away

This image is from way back in June when the dandelions were all turning to fluff outside my house. I’ve always admired the beauty and tenacity of what is in effect a weed and considered a pest by most caretakers of lawns. But that is the subject of an entirely different post!

 Falls in Black and White

At the end of June Brian and I visited a gallery in Middlebury that sits atop an old mill with a creek that ends in a fantastic waterfall. I learned that it is a lot harder to take good photographs of shadows and water than I thought!

 Face to Face

And finally last weekend we spent some time at a local alpaca farm, reminding me why I adore these peaceful curious and highly photogenic creatures, other than their amazing fiber!

 Key at Hand

I wish I could say that my fortunes have improved as much as my amusements these past few weeks, with equal opportunities for financial as spiritual fulfillment. Sadly this is not the case. We have been here for 8 months and are still very much struggling to piece together a living from various sources, including the continued generosity of friends and family. But as I write this, I do believe the key is near at hand and soon things will be moving along smoothly again. Brian has good news to report over at his blog, a tangible sign that we are beginning to find our place in this community. It only gets better from here. As ever, many thanks to my followers. You really do make the journey that much easier!


  1. Fantastic moments hidden in your Holga camera..
    And as life is going "one step at the time"..
    with a little luck and positive thinking (as I know you) it has to change!!

    Greetings and hugs!!!!!!

    1. Monika, thank you so much for your comment! I've been a little neglectful making the rounds in Blogland lately and I owe you a visit. Wishing you all the best.

  2. TT/G - good to see images flow. It is so hard to believe that it is already 8 months since you made the move. I vibe that the kley to a sustainable and fulfilling future lurks around the corner. Go well. B

    1. Thanks B - I am making a conscious effort to shoot more film when and where a good opportunity arises, and this vintage car show really did cry out for some Holga shooting! I'm well stocked with film, if a little slow to complete rolls for processing, so you should be seeing more new work here more often. Life is a little off balance lately, with so much energy going into the securing of wherewithal to make a living, and I do need to give myself these moments of reaffirming that when all of the pesky mundane matters are set aside in their proper (lower priority) place, I am happiest when engaged in some sort of creative process. It will be such a relief one day soon to have this be the rule and not the exception! All the best to you and F.

  3. Fabulous shots G/TT - a lovely meandering journey from afar. Love the mural Brian is involved in and I hope things start to settle soon - its all a bit too challenging at times. Have a great weekend F

    1. Hi F - I think things will be utterly different mere weeks from now thanks to the seeds being planted in this most difficult of times. B is working again at the mural today after a day off for rain. It really is coming along! He posts progress shots on Facebook, and will be part of the "big reveal" reception in a couple weeks, plus a number of other little opportunities popping up here and there. I've never been quite this close to the edge and can't say I'm enjoying it, but look forward to how good it's going to feel to have stepped away safe and sound again! Much love to you and B.