Friday, March 2, 2012

Art in the House

 Hearth with works by Brenda Sylvester, Fiona Dempster, Barry Smith,  Unknown Vermont Marble Carver and Doug Hoover
One of the best things about living here in Vermont in such a spacious and nicely laid out apartment is that Brian and I can finally properly display some of the beautiful works that we have acquired over the past couple of years thanks to friendships with fellow artists, many of them met right here on Blogger. All arrived as gifts or exchanges and form the core of what I hope will be a growing collection of original art, one we could not otherwise afford.  

 Gabriella’s studio with view of works by Fiona D and Doug H

I have always felt that the décor of a living space is a direct reflection and extension of the occupants. Even during lean times when I have not been able to fill my home with the furnishings and decorative touches of my dreams, that very shabbiness had something to say about who I was, how I lived, and what my priorities were.  I suppose this is a variation on the belief that you can tell someone by the company they keep. This week instead of me telling you something about myself, I thought I’d share some images of some of my new daily companions (who are all actually old friends) and let them do the talking. 

 Closeup of “Flight” by Fiona D above and “Soaking it In” by Doug H below


 Gabriella’s studio with view of work by Momo Luna

 Mantle with view of works by Manon Doyle and more Momo Luna in the distance

 “Island. Light. Night.” Doug Hoover again, this time in the living room - he's everywhere!

Purple couch with photograph by Crissant – we promise to frame and hang this soon!

Bowl by Barry Smith

In the bedroom: Unnamed (although the title “Smidge” has been considered) by Saba Tekle

To anyone out there whose work I omitted – my apologies. To anyone out there who would like to help increase the Mirollo Sylvester Collection, we love a good barter!  May you all have a happy weekend.

Happy campers


  1. How absolutely lovely. Thank you so much for inviting us into your world. The colour and the beauty echoed the pictures I had in my mind, though of course the details of specific beauties was missing. I feel so privileged.

  2. TT/G - I remember you saying how 2012 could be your year for showing a little more of the original art works in you new abode. Thank you for valuing the original works of others; and finding inspiration in them. From my perspective it is doubly precious to know that I have seen those walls; seen that fire place; seen those people; and enjoyed fine wine, malt and gin with them as well as art and art conversation. Go del, in Vermont - create well and be happy. B

  3. Generous and effulgent sharing. Inspiring.

  4. EC - thanks so much for your comment - After focusing so much on the inner worlds I share here, I'm happy to have an outer world worth inviting people into!

  5. Barry - your comment makes me smile. Your presence (as well as your presents!) still lingers here. Being able to receive such wonderful guests as you and F makes this house a home as surely as the art on the walls. Have a great week!

  6. Kass - Well said! I could not have put it better myself. Thanks for stopping by.

  7. Hey G, I'm not sure if I can put into words how happy that makes me seeing your collection of originals works by artists that I'm familiar with or know... myself!! The original painting is in a beautiful home and I'm proud to know that it's with you.

    You and Mr B made me smile.

  8. Hi G/TT - thanks for showing my little bibs and bobs - how very special! Its nice to wander thru someone's home and see their treasures and realise how much difference original works, made by makers and people you know (or not sometimes) make to a home. They are unique, they generate this energy or spirit and even if they are small or quiet; they glow somehow. Enough of my ramble - thanks again and I enjoyed this virtual tour as well as a real one!

  9. D - It is a wonderful thing, is it not? Some of these pieces were being done such a disservice in the old cluttered dim apartment back in Somerville and now have room to shine. Some are new arrivals and have made all the difference in creating a true sense of a new home with great new energy and a daily reminder of why moving here was the right thing to do! You think you're happy now? Wait until one day when you get to see your work here in person! All the best to you.

  10. F - My response to Doug could just as well be addressed to you - this new place had not felt quite right until these works occupied their proper place and emanated their unique energy. Interior decorating was not a priority in the first weeks, but then we had these guests coming from Australia and I felt compelled to spiff the place up a bit! Now it looks and feels just right, moreso for having been enjoyed by you and B was well. Your works are here as a big part of my daily surroundings, but your spirits are here too - all of that together bodes well for the kind of life we intend to live from now on. Have a great week!

  11. A house of artists full of art. Such a bless have all this works around and making a welcoming home.
    Small gestures that cause many reasons to smile.

    Love to you and your sweet home.

  12. Thank you Crissant! Your comment makes me smile!

  13. Oh how this post makes me smile too. How wonderful to see how we have this circle of blogging friends, who maybe haven't visit each others home, but are at home through the love of art we all share and send each other. So happy to see my work too in such good care Gabriella, knowing i'm close to you and Brian thru my art. Like i said in the comment in the former post: your wonderful blog feels like home to me. Even more now seeing the photo's. I love the teddybear watching out the window. I love it a lot. And i love the last photo, you and Brian smiling, feeling happy, making me happy looking at it.
    Hugs and kisses dear friend!

  14. Momo - yes, isn't it wonderful this little virtual house party of artists we have going? It is impossible to feel lonely, even when I am alone. Do you like my teddy bear? There is not always time for me to gaze out the window, so he is my surrogate now, keeping an eye on the world outside, a guardian of this little castle!

    Hugs and kisses to you too, dear friend.

  15. nice to see all this works of many friends from me too :-) really nice as we are all closed trought our art or?

    :-) nice to see too your windows... I really like it

    a hug

  16. Thank you so much Laura! Sending you my love.

  17. What a great post! I loved learning more about you by the "company you keep", so to speak :) At our apartment, my fiancee and I have tons of geeky but tasteful artwork, so I wonder what that says about us? lol!

    I have to say - the nude photograph and "Soaking it In" are my favorites, although all the pieces are lovely!

  18. Hey Phoenix...hmm, come to think of it, the artwork in our "collection" is either completely abstract and geometric or of a strong and contemplative female subject - what does that say about the 2 occupants I wonder? Hah! I suppose if we let the cat do some of the choosing we'd have nothing but cats!

    Once we get the nude framed I will probably do a special post in tribute. It's a wonderful piece and deserves a place of honor on the wall and in this blog.

    Have a great weekend!

  19. Hi, G!!!
    I'm back.... i think...LOL. Thanks for your comment and for showing my little painting in your home!!! It looks great!!! I hope you're doing well in Vermont. I drove through it last summer and it is gorgeous!! Say *hi* to Brian for me!!! xo

  20. Hey M - so happy to have your painting as part of our collection - it harmonizes really well with the surroundings and the vibe of our new home! I think we are going to have to make it a house rule that any living artist whose work hangs on our walls must come one day in person to see it!

    Glad you're back.