Saturday, January 7, 2012

On the Edge

Cutting Edge

I've been here in Rutland VT for almost six weeks now and can no longer claim that I am "settling in." I am in. For what promises to be a good long time. Brian and I have been working tirelessly both to establish a functioning household and to find our place in the thriving arts community of this area. We are also facing the reality of one or both of us returning to some kind of traditional paid work that will allow us to remain working artists while also remaining housed and fed. No one said a life in the arts was going to be easy, and we are both absolutely committed to making whatever sacrifices are necessary, while still keeping the creative fires burning. Which explains why the photographs I've managed to find opportunity to take are still sitting inside my camera, and the image above dates back to last summer!

Purple Llama

This week I did find time to finish a new scarf that I began before the holidays and had to set aside unfinished. As you might imagine, one of the first places I visited when I arrived here was the local yarn shop, Green Mountain Fibers. I arrived with my usual alpaca-centric agenda, and was disappointed to find that they did not stock some of my favorite brands, to which I have become accustomed. They did however have some beautiful fiber that was one hundred percent baby llama. Fiber shops encourage their customers to use their hands as well as their eyes to make their selections, and with one touch of this stuff, I knew I had to have some. With no idea of what design or item I would be creating, I bought five skeins in the colors you see above, started at the beginning, and let my instincts carry me through. I have always thought of llamas as the more mean-spirited cousins of my beloved alpacas, and assumed their fiber would be just as abrasive as their personalities, but apparently if you get them while they are young, their fiber is just as soft and luxurious. I'm looking forward to adding this new fiber to my repertoire of favorite materials!

 Gradual Clearing 

Which just goes to show you that sometimes you are looking for one thing, and something else presents itself, and you end up with the right thing after all. I have plenty of ideas about the directions my life will next take, but I am well aware that life has its own plans, and I must remain open to suggestion and opportunity even as I prepare for what I think should happen next. This has been a brief post, but I hope to have a longer one for you next week. I am definitely on the edge of something big, and as soon as I know what it is, I will let you all know! Maybe I will even finish the roll of film now languishing in my camera and have some new images to offer, other than the ones I have been taking through my living room window. Until then, I hope that every one of you is having an auspicious start to the new year. Or at least a great weekend!


  1. Your beautiful scarf triggered happy memories for me. Llamas (or at least two of them) are very welcome visitors at our local hospice. And at the funerals of one of my friend's mother last year I was so touched when the llamas came too. As their handler explained 'she loved it when we visited her at the hospice, so we thought we would give her a good send off'. Many misty eyes.

    Have a great weekend. I am more than a little curious about your next big thing, and hope it fits into place smoothly, easily and soon.

  2. I am everything is going on fine with you guys !

  3. ""...and something else presents itself, and you end up with the right thing after all..."

    This words simply shook me in such a positive way, that the only fact of reading them has led me to feel so . . nice!! When you find one day a statement (like this) that reflect, and reaffirm a just by you recently acquired universal truth (Im talking about me of course) is like if life was winking you an eye, the way an affectionate mother does with his son telling him in silence "you are in the right path son" and you as a kid, with such extraordinary support, enjoy of a rush of indescribable satisfaction, so clever, so confident about yourself :) :)
    A year of settlement and adaptation this year seems to be. Only destiny knows what do days and weeks shall provide, but it is wonderful to know and be sure about the fact, that no matter what or how, everything have a meaning and a reason to be and that, I love it:) " you end up with the right thing after all..""

    A BIG hug Gaby, in this exciting winter, looking forward for that surprise you have to share with us !!

    Warm regards:

  4. Well, looking forward for your new post and photographs!!
    I love surprises!!!!

    Have a warm Sunday

  5. Hi G - life is just a little like this at the moment isn't it? Gentle reminders that we don't always know best; and that good things can arrive unexpectedly. Something about going with the flow a bit perhaps. I always think 3 months till you know a place (or job), 6 months and you 'own' it kind of thing; so don't be too tough on yourself at the 1.5 month point! So pleased that little llamas have worked out well for you! Go well F

  6. EC - your llama story made me a little misty-eyed too! Perhaps I am too hard on them, with their reputation for being at best stern and distant and at worst spiteful - or is it spitful? - creatures compared to the gentler alpaca. You've changed my mind. Hope your weekend went well!

  7. Wong - many thanks! I hope your year is off to a good start too.

  8. Alberto - a big hug back to you, my dear friend. To read your comment as I begin another day in this new home brings me such a warm feeling of companionship and understanding. I am happy to know you find such comfort in my words! I hope you find all the right things this year!

  9. Monika - I am waiting for some news and as soon as I hear it I will let you all know! Now that I've made such big promises, I better follow through! All the best to you.

  10. Dear Fiona - I suppose I've gotten better at going with the flow over the years. Maybe one day I will be so good at it, I no longer need to think or talk about it! I think I still have a lot of learning to do regarding trying to control fate, which seems to be so whimsical but has actually proven time and again to be quite wise. It does seem that when something feels as if it is not working smoothly, where I once would struggle harder, full of despair and resentment, nowadays I simply sit back, take a breath, and consider if perhaps some other way needs to be explored, and I had better pay attention! So, I'm improving...

    I like your 3 and 6 month milestones! I had a bit of a head start here since I've visited this area many times in the past, and perhaps felt I should be dug in by now, but being a year-round resident is a whole other thing than being a summer vacationer, so I will give it more time, and give myself a break!

    Best to you and B.

  11. Hi the story of the llamas and the fiber store...many lessons there for all of us! Thinking of you as you make the next transitions in life....know you will be making wonderful, creative leaps and will anxiously await future posts! cheers and wishing you both all good things!

  12. Hi Patti - what a great cheering section I've found on Blogger! It truly makes me feel, in spite of occasional doubts, that I can do amazing things, and even if I don't, I'll have the sympathy and support of such excellent kindred spirits as yourself. I'm waiting to hear what you do next too! Going back to work will not be easy, but perhaps time away will mean it takes a little longer for the usual stresses and stupidities to register, and the knowledge of established and thriving creative pursuits waiting at home will make none of that matter! Or a job that is mercifully free of the usual BS? One can dream...

    All the best to you!

  13. :-) Dear Gabriella, I understand you very very much, it is normal to need some time before starting artistic works, the spirit must be riunited with the body, as the indians said... when it moves the first weeks you should not do anything because you have to wait of the spirit, fact the body is faster as the spirit, it takes more time.
    This helped me too a lot, I understand too the thing with your favourite media, but you can order maybe some in internet or by the first travel you can buy a reserve, but I can see that you have just found somethings good too :-)
    ahhhhhhhhh live is not simple, especial a artist life...
    but you and B. will made the best thing I know

    :-) I'm happy and curious to see your new fotos!!!

  14. Laura, I love this idea of the spirit needing time to reunite with the body after a move! Now it all makes sense, the feeling of still being not completely HERE, even after 6 weeks.

    I actually DO have a company that sells my favorite alpaca fiber online and I can easily order and have it delivered to my door. I also think I want to go back to the local store and buy more llama fiber - so I have the best of both the old and the new!

    Have a wonderful week.