Friday, December 2, 2011


Readers, I’m home.  

Or, more accurately, I have arrived in a space that, given a lot more time and effort, will look a lot less like a storage facility, and a lot more like the place in which I intend to live life to the fullest for many long awaited and much deserved years. Brian and I have been Vermont residents for four days, though we both have had experience in the past living in this beautiful state. 

On Monday November 28th, our possessions were safely and soundly transported by the small but amazingly efficient crew from the Stair Hoppers moving company, and I retain their five page inventory of 125 items as proof of the magnitude of this undertaking. Unfortunately, most of that number consisted of boxes that needed first to be sorted and carried into their proper rooms, and then unpacked.

I’m happy to report that as of this writing, all furniture has been arranged into a functioning configuration, all boxes are where they need to be, and some of them have even been opened!  We have already stimulated the local Vermont economy by purchasing some household items. We have had our first of what will probably be many pizzas from Ramunto’s and we have visited the Chaffee Art Center where we were pleased to see all three of each of our submitted works hanging in prominent locations in the gallery. 

There is still much work to be done in the apartment  and beyond, everything from the basic task of emptying boxes to exploring our new community and meeting new neighbors. Tonight, in Depot Park, the city holds its annual tree lighting and visit from Santa. Tomorrow, I plan on visiting the indoor Farmer’s Market held inside the Rutland Food Coop. This area has a very strong commitment to sustainable agriculture and green living, and I am looking forward to supporting local farmers whenever possible, which won’t be difficult, especially when it comes to Vermont cheese! 

Finally I wanted to leave you with some images of the member of the family who seems most pleased with her new home. Little P has been roaming freely from room to room happily sprawling on and rubbing against everything in her path. Who said cats hate change? 

Enjoy your weekends, one and all, and see you next week with more happy news!


  1. Hiiii I'm so happy to see you :-))))) you looks very happy that's is so cool

  2. Yay!
    Congrats on your new place!
    Looks great and I'm sure it must seem soooooooo quiet...!
    : )

  3. Laura - thanks for your comment - it makes me even more happy!

    Brad - hey, good to see you here! Yes, very quiet by comparison to our previous situation which now seems so far away. Have a great weekend!

  4. Welcome to your new home! And an exhibition there along with your arrival - what a great way to begin! I'm very glad for you.

  5. JMG - Many thanks for your comment! It really was a nice bonus to know that my work was already hanging in a gallery before I even arrived. Hopefully an auspicious sign of good things to come...

  6. So happy for you on so many levels. Really pleased that yours and Brian's art work is hanging in The Chaffee Art Centre. Love the idea of an indoor Farmer's Market. And yes, that looks like a blissed out cat to me. Welcome home.

  7. EC - Your being happy and pleased makes me that much moreso! Thanks for stopping by and your continued well wishes. Little P is beside herself with so many new options for window-gazing and sun-bathing, not to mention climbing atop stacks of boxes to observe us from a great height! Our new refrain is "where is P?" as she is forever finding unexpected places to lurk and hide - a cat's paradise!

  8. So glad for you! Sounds and looks wonderful Gabriella!

  9. you have arrived with a new view
    and inspiration.
    you have lots of stuff! i laugh.
    Little P looks very happy indeed.

    welcome home


  10. Luis, my dear friend, many thanks! All the best to you.

    Robert, I don't think I can ever get enough of reading those two simple words "welcome home," and of course they have a special resonance coming from you.

    My landlord said the same thing about lots of stuff! Now it's my turn to laugh!

  11. uehhh! I am happy to see you smiling!
    what a delight, Gabriella!
    the place is so welcoming... I also would love to live in a city with this mood!
    P seems to me at home, already!

    Is encouraging see your work in the gallery, the elect.

    Welcome to the new life,
    new home, new inspiration!
    my best wishes to you both!
    abbracci e baci
    dio vi benedica!

  12. Denise - thank you so much! It makes me happy to have these words of welcome from faraway friends. Soon I will be making the rounds of all the blogs I've been neglecting and catch up on what's going on in your life! Baci.

  13. Hey G... awesome to hear ya'll made the transition and are getting settled in. Very cool to see your works already hanging as you were making the move! Also great to hear Little P has embraced the change too!

    Looking forward to hearing more from WAY up there!!

  14. Hey D! Good to see you here! Slowly making progress on the whole settling in thing. I never thought of myself as owning or needing a lot of stuff - in fact, I am pretty happy living out of a duffle bag for days on end, and feel like I throw out way more than I acquire. But this move has proven that my material possessions have been silently expanding over the years, along with my waistline! It will be nice to actually start living here instead of just getting the place set up. That said, I still have a dozen boxes of art supplies and stock to unpack! Have a great weekend!

  15. TT/G - well if the cat is happy then all is well!!! It is so good that you and B have arrived safely and all you stuff also. And though you are going through the big sort and storing of gear - it does sound like the accommodation, the setting, the community and the art opportunities make it feel like you have arrived in your place. Go well, be well and create and sell well. B

  16. Ahhhh....contented sigh. It must feel so good. It looks so good! Rutland sounds like a magical place to have landed with lots of lovely and supportive things, people, ways of being...Enjoy the settling in and the getting out and about. So happy to see Little P so settled in too! Say hi to Bryan. F

  17. Barry & Fiona - thanks for all the good vibes you both continue to send our way. Slowly but surely we are getting this place into order. Every day, more boxes are emptied and things find their proper spaces and arrangements! The holiday tree lighting in Depot Park Friday night was small but surprisingly moving, and it was nice to give a little money to the local farmers at the indoor market yesterday. I also now have a month's supply of Vermont cheese to go with my Shiraz! Money will be very tight for a while after the outlay for the move and certain essentials to get set up, but that is just as well or, given an unlimited budget, I'd spend the next month fussing over furnishings and interior design instead of living! There is a beautiful park with a system of trails nearby and I think that will be our next focus rather than the hunt for perfect decorative pillows! All the best to you both!

  18. I love the photo of the three curtained windows with the small table and chairs. I've lived in the same place for almost a year now and have yet to get curtains--this may be what I've been waiting for. :)

  19. Rubye Jack - thank you for your comment - and welcome. Good luck with those curtains!

  20. wow,
    it has been what ? ten years I don't appear ?
    and I still don't have time, I am a bit late to go out. hahahah!
    this is wonderful.... new times, changes... it is a lot of work and the nicest thing to remember later.
    ........and nothing better than a beautiful cat on window.... don't cats make evething better and prettier ?

    hugs my dear friend.

  21. Caio! Good to see you here. Yes, it has been too long. I am making the rounds today visiting sites and all I do is apologize! So, I understand, and appreciate your visit.

    Cats do make everything better and prettier, and they know it too - it seems they put themselves just where they can be most noticed and most "decorative!" There are people like that too!

  22. Dear Gabriella.
    Your post about the new home is full of happy and positive feelings..
    This is a good start in your new surroundings.
    I am glad for the three of you!
    These days i hung your so beautiful calender on
    my wall. Every day a look of it reminds me of you.
    How nice!!!

    Embrace you

  23. Dear Monika, I can't tell you how happy it makes me to think of my calendar hanging on your wall, and that we are connected over so many miles through this simple act of your looking at these physical memories of things I myself have looked at! It can be a small world! Much love to you.