Friday, November 4, 2011

The Long Farewell

One Small Sale

Greetings everyone. This will be a brief update with a more substantial post promised for next week, along with more visits to the wonderful blogs I usually comment on more regularly and have so shamelessly neglected lately. Things have been busy here as the days until Moving Day dwindle down. Last weekend, I brought all my scarves, wrist warmers and photo calendars to the Burren for one final market. Thanks to the unprecedented October snowstorm here in the Northeast that day, customer turnout was low and so were my spirits when I made only one sale, the wrist warmers you see pictured above, proceeds from which covered the vendor's entry fee but not what I drank to pass the time.

 Shake it Loose

The day turned from bad to worse when I visited a local pub for some Halloween fun. No sooner had I managed to shake off the gloom of my poor sales with some uninhibited dancing among costumed strangers than I discovered that my black winter coat had mysteriously disappeared in the drunken madness of the celebrations. I will never know if it was mistakenly grabbed, or stolen on purpose. It was not an expensive or a cherished item of clothing, but walking home coatless in the wet snow at 2am made me feel that the city of Somerville itself was aware of my departure, and providing me one last spiteful act of unwelcome, which only served the purpose of making it that much easier for me to leave.

Open Studios

Looking on the bright side, this means that on my next trip up north to Vermont to drop another carload of small possessions, I now have an excuse to go shopping for a new winter coat, bought in Vermont and made for Vermont winters, my first experience of which I am greatly looking forward to. I may even have to learn how to snowshoe! But before that can happen, my attention this week has been getting the studio Brian and I share ready for our last local appearance as Somerville artists. Vernon Street Open Studios takes place this weekend, Saturday and Sunday, Nov 5th and 6th. For anyone in the area, please do stop by. I’ll be offering my matted prints, calendars, books, wrist warmers and scarves and as the weather is predicted to be cool and dry, we are hoping for a good turnout and brisk sales. Full report next week.  

Buy now while supplies last! 
That’s all for now. Have a great weekend, one and all.


  1. Bad cess to Somerville, and good luck to fortunate Vermont. I hope the final sale goes supremely well and wish you both joy and magic in your new adventure.

  2. Hey, EC - thanks so much for hanging in there with me in spite of my being such a bad blog-follower lately! Your good wishes mean the world to me. I hope you have a great weekend!

  3. They say that timing is everything - but that's ridiculous. A severe snow storm just when you didn't need it - bummer. I hope the OS went better and that things are tidying themselves up for the move - how excitement! It feels even more right now I think...go well!

  4. TT- as some 'bard' said at some time - "s--- happens"; but it is sad that it happens to people such as yourself when you are just trying to be out there and add a little beauty and goodness to the world. Makes me feel a bit sad. I hope that Vernon Street was more rewarding. As F says I hope the move is on track. We would really love to catch up with you when we are over your way. Share some war stories, eat warming food and drink red wine; and just celebrate the magic and mystery of art and life. Go well. B

  5. F & B - You two are such wonderful faraway friends, and each in your way a constant source of inspiration for my life and work, so I thank you both for your comments.

    Open Studios weekend is past, yes, and I am at my desk with my morning tea deflated but happy to say that I will have plenty of sales to record today! It was one of those times when many little sold items added up to a final total for the weekend that is better than either of us has ever had for any one event! The money will be a welcome addition to our moving fund. I am a little sad and tired in the aftermath of so many good conversations (and transactions!) and not a few farewell chats with our fellow local artists. Now the focus turns to the big move. I'll be posting this week about my progress. Have a great week, both of you!

  6. dear Gabriella,
    I also walk behind on the blogs of friends ... and imagine how you must be hampered, with all this 'change' to come ...
    in fact, I wanted to sit beside you and talk for hours and hours.....
    at the moment it does not happen to ...
    maybe in the near future!
    I hope with all my heart!
    I love your presence/opinion on my blog!!
    thank you!!

    mille baci, carĂ­ssima!

    ps: If you are also on facebook,
    I was going to 'tweak' all the time ...

  7. Dear Denise! So happy to see you here! What a wonderful idea, to sit beside you and talk for hours! I think we would know each other like old friends, meeting for the first time. I am not on facebook...but you can always send a message through Brian. Have a great week, dear friend.

  8. Dear Gabriella,
    I can imagine that it was not the best sensation to feel yourself as an ice cream, but maybe this cold sensation make us feel very alive. Anyway, I tihnk you deserve a better way to feel yourself alive.
    I love to see your art exposed. I hope the exhibition have overcome your expectations. I´m glad i can follow your work through internet, the closer i can.
    I´m also glad to know you´ll have the agenda with you. Thank you for supporting me!!! I appreciate it a lot :)
    Send you my love.

  9. Cris - I actually enjoyed the walk home in the cold! It might have something to do with all the wine I had consumed, or perhaps my anger at being a victim of theft, but I felt quite warmed from within!

    I can't wait to have your agenda arrive here. It is the perfect way to enjoy your work, and also to take your spirit with me on this next part of my journey. Much love to you, my dear!

  10. I'm so glad for you that your Open Studios went well! I wish I could have been there.

    I hope you get the perfect coat for those Vermont winters. And even if you don't have to learn to snowshoe, you might enjoy it :-)

  11. JMG - there you are, all caught up! Many thanks for your thoroughness and thoughtful comments. I'm looking forward to my first full Vermont winter, with or without snowshoes!

  12. Hi dear Gaby! How Nice to little by little resuming my blog activity and visit all those wonderful friends like you and their incredible worlds. I have been very happy to receive your visits to my blog, as well as your always positive and nice comments, always so plenty of pure emotion and valuable conclusions, yes, always so positive and with some lesson to learn. So now you are leaving to Vermont? nice winter, nice nature, even an enjoyable loneliness from time to time in there (nope, havnt ever been, but you know that my imagination only needs a little book, a little image and it does the rest =) Ok then, will be looking forward for your full report an meanwhile, receive the biggest and warmest of all hugs.
    Have so white an shining days!

    Your friend:

    Alberto Oliver

  13. Dear Alberto - it makes me happy to read your words here! For someone who has never been to Vermont, you capture its essence perfectly - "enjoyable loneliness" is exactly how it feels to be surrounded by so much beauty, so much space, and feel both isolated and welcomed! I receive your hug with gratitude. All the best to you, my friend!

  14. Hi Gabriella. I'm finally get back on deck, and what do i find? Youre moving! I've been to Boston, Maine and New Hampshire but never to Vermont, much to my regret (I hear they great moonlight there). All my warmest wishes for your new adventure there.

    The change of coat is clearly a sign. Divesting and investing.

    As for the low-life that has the old coat ... have you ever read the poem The Jackdaw of Rheims? Let's hope the coat wasn't stollen because boy would that thief have some karma coming!

    Hope Vernon Street open day went well for you.

    Warm greetz, Harry

  15. Hi Harry! Good to see you back on deck. Your take on the taking of my coat was both witty and wise! As I'm sure you will eventually read in Brian's latest post, Open Studios went amazingly well for us both, a fitting farewell. We are surrounded by boxes at the moment with only 2 weeks to the move, and I will probably not get around to posting again until next week. Thanks for your comment, and all the best to you!

  16. Gabriella!
    A last good bye until you are settled in your new surroundings!!!
    A very big THANK YOU for your support on my blog..

    See you soon!!!

    A big hug from Greece (as always)!!!!!

  17. Monika, thank you! I hope all is well where you are. I think of you all the time and send positive vibes. Soon I will be sharing more details and images of my transition to the new home. Hugs and kisses to you!

  18. wowwwww so many news by you Gabriella!!
    I have lot to do since naw, already endet to set up my new studio..

    but naw i'm back totally :-) and naw I have time to do the thing that I wanted to do 2 month ago.. to order your bookkkkkk hehehehhe

    see you my dear

  19. Laura dear! So good to see you here. Things have been very busy with me too, so I understand what it feels like to have so much catching up to do on Blogger! I am happy to hear you will be ordering my book. You will make it better just by holding it in your hands! Much love to you.