Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Here to There

You CAN Get There from Here

As followers of this space know, I am in the midst of a move from a place I’ve occupied for almost ten years to a new place in a part of the country that has always felt like home. This might be why I have been very busy these past few weeks, but not at all nervous or sad regarding this relocation. I’m going somewhere I have always loved and leaving behind somewhere I have never quite felt a sense of belonging. If I shed any tears on moving day, they will be tears of joy that something I have always hoped would happen is finally coming to pass.

 Through a Glass Darkly

Brian and I have made three trips up north in the past six weeks, each with its own agenda and outcome. Back at the beginning of October, a weekend originally planned for leisure became our first opportunity to view a potential new home in Vermont. That opportunity fell through, but thanks to some timely conversations with friendly Vermonters met as we explored the local night life, soon after our return we learned about a new property in a different city and were making plans for another visit.

 Unexpected Opening

In mid October we drove to Rutland one morning, viewed what would prove to be our new home and by sundown were back in Somerville waiting to hear whether our application had been approved. It was, and ten days later we were driving north again to sign a lease.

 Can’t See the Forest for the Trees

It was then that I allowed myself to see the apartment with eyes not protected by cautious doubt and fully embrace the reality that I would be living in Vermont, a place I had spent much time in, but never as a longtime resident. Last weekend we drove up to Rutland one more time to drop off some possessions we did not want to leave for the movers to handle and also to drop off some pieces at the Chaffee Art Center where we will both have work exhibited in their annual members show opening this week. I no longer felt like a visitor in town, but a native. I bought myself a new winter coat which will be the perfect attire for Vermont winter. As we drove back, and again passed by the herd of Jacob sheep that has been grazing alongside Route 4 as long as I can remember, I told myself that the next time we make the trip north it would be a one-way journey, bound for home.

 Herd Mentality

As of this writing there are only 12 days left before the apartment I am now occupying is emptied and Brian, I and Little P head home. But before I can get there from here, I have to get everything boxed up and ready to go. Hard work yes, but happy.   


Until next week, I wish you all hard work and happiness.


  1. hehhehehe the same carton box that I have had too in my moving...

    it's nice to read and see you again ...

  2. Hah! I think this is an image many people will recognize! I can't wait until it is all finished and I can actually start living the new life!

  3. A dream coming true, i am so very happy for you!!
    A show to exhibit in and all, sounds good.
    Wishing both of you and little P a wonderful new chapter moving home, xx

    Thanks for your get well wishes.

  4. Gabriella, this all sounds terrific! I am so happy for you. Love this post.

  5. Renilde, thank you for your good wishes! I hope you are feeling better. I will have to make some time to visit blogs soon and see how everyone is doing. Sorry for being absent recently! Sending you my love...

  6. Thank you so much for your comment, Luis! And thank you especially for remaining my faithful follower even though I have been so bad about keeping up with you on your blog! Things will settle down into a more normal routine soon, I promise. All the best to you!

  7. So, so happy for you. And exhibiting so soon in your new home! And a new winter coat too. I love Unexpected Openings and am sending good wishes through the blogosphere to you.

  8. Hi EC! Thanks for your good wishes! We were very lucky with the exhibit timing - I joined Chaffee because they are very active in promoting arts and culture in the community and it seemed a good connection to establish, not to mention our living only down the road from them! Then I discovered that as new members we qualified for their annual end-of-year show, whose submission deadline was last Sunday! So, our work will be present at the opening reception even though we will have to wait to see it in person!

    It does seem that Vermont is very supportive of arts & crafts and all things green, local and handmade - plenty of opportunities to show and share work among likeminded souls. It will be a good vibrant inspiring and comforting atmosphere!

  9. I'm so glad for you, Gabriella! It sounds as if you're feeling connected in wonderful ways. And it's good to hear that you got that coat :-)

  10. It was great to hear that the Vernon St weekend went so well for you both...and I love that Unexpected Opening. The final picture I always describe as "my life in boxes" and finally I am just so thrilled with the opportunity for you to exhibit in your new hometown so early in the piece! It sounds like a supportive and nurturing art place - a bit like our tiny town of 3000. Best wishes for the ongoing one foot in front of the other part of moving...Go well.

  11. Send you both my love and wishes for happiness in the new surrounding!!!

    Hugs coming from Greece!!!

  12. Fiona - Funny about the boxes. Whenever I have moved house, my book boxes always take up the most space of all my possessions. As the shelves are emptied, the box stacks collect and then one by one get carried out...I jokingly call it "the chain I forged in life" in reference to Dickens' Marley, dragging his ghostly chain of cashboxes through the afterlife! Fortunately this time professional movers will be doing the dragging! Best to you.

  13. Monika, thanks so much for your comment and for sending your love and wishes! I really appreciate it!

  14. JMG - almost lost your comment in the shuffle, sign of how the clutter and chaos is not only surrounding me in my physical world but my mental one as well! It's a really nice coat, by the way. Now, if only the weather here would catch up with the date on the calendar, I might be able to wear it!

  15. Hey G, I regret not taking the opportunity to visit you and Brian at Vernon St.... but maybe I'll have a really good excuse to visit Vermont!!

    Your timing to have work exhibited at the art center couldn't be better!

    Onward & Upward!!


  16. Douglas - you will always be a welcome guest in our Vermont home, especially with that positive attitude of yours! Thanks much.

  17. TT/G - so thrilled for you and B on so many levels: the move; the acceptance into the new community; the exhibition; and just the fact that it all seems right to and for you. So looking forward to maybe catching up in a couple of months time. You will be settled and old hands by the time we meet.

    Go well. B

  18. Barry - there still is an element of disbelief to it all! On the one hand, the area we are moving to feels in many ways like an old friend, but one I have only visited with on and off throughout the years. To know I will be able to live there year-round seems both the most natural and the most amazing of circumstances. It's as if the younger version of me that always longed for such a life was sensing that it would actually happen somewhere in the future. The future is now, it seems. I'll have the red and the glasses waiting for you and F!

  19. Onward and upward! I love it. There's so much enthusiasm and optimism in this post and it's just so inspiring. Congratulations on the move (I LOVE Vermont) and I'm sure your new home will bring you many years of happiness.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, Gabriella :)

  20. Hey there, Phoenix! Thanks so much for stopping by to comment and for your continued well wishes and kind words. I will probably not be posting this week (although my laptop is one of the few remaining things not hidden away in a stack of boxes at the moment!) and it's been a while since I made the rounds of my favorite blogs, so I do appreciate my faithful followers! It's been quite a year, hasn't it? And I kinda had a feeling you would love Vermont too...

    Happy Thanksgiving, you!