Tuesday, August 2, 2011

It's the Journey...

No Time for Reflection

This post may seem a little rushed and scattered, as it has been a very distracting and eventful week leaving little time for reflection and writing, which is not necessarily a bad thing! I have a feeling this will be the story for the month of August and beyond. I’ve been spending a lot of time at home working on projects that do not require studio space, which works out just fine on those days that the studio has been too hot to work in anyway, and had an added benefit, as you will learn if you read on. 

 Please Accept My Submission

As you all know by now from one or more of the many means I have used to broadcast that information, my new photo book “Studies in Contrast” is complete and on sale from either the Blurb bookstore or right here through my blog (see column at right). If you follow the STUDIES IN CONTRAST link at the top of the page, you can enjoy a full preview of the book and read a little about the background of the project. Thank you so much to those of you who have already ordered and received copies! My book is currently under consideration in the Photography Book Now contest, for which judging is taking a little longer than I anticipated. It now seems that finalists will not be announced until later this month, and winners sometime in early September. Rest assured, you will know as soon as I know whether my humble creation receives official recognition!

 It’s the Journey

I have also been hard at work putting together a new 2012 calendar featuring images of bicycles. I do not own a bike, nor did I ever learn how to ride one, but I have always lived in cities that welcome and support this environmentally friendly mode of transportation, and have always been drawn to their appearance, especially when their riders are absent or they are in unusual settings or attitudes.  As soon as I have a proof in hand and can go ahead with production, I will announce here when and how they will be available for purchase. I will try to keep the quality high and the price reasonable. I think they will make a wonderful gift – for friends, family and self!

April Showers in July

Last week, in one of those “it could have been worse” moments that put to the test the optimistic side of my disillusioned optimism, I was busy at work on my laptop in my livingroom/home office, having just turned off all the air conditioners and fans for a little peace and quiet, when I heard what sounded like an April shower in the distance in spite of it being a clear sunny day outside. It didn’t take very long to discover the cause: water raining from my bathroom ceiling, which now featured an ominous swollen bulge the size and shape of a harbor seal and whose intentions I preferred not to underestimate. I closed the door and contacted the superintendent who located the trouble: my upstairs neighbor had clogged her sink and was allowing it to overflow freely and without announcement of this situation to anyone, somehow not comprehending that water will seek its own level – in this case, the bathroom directly below hers, otherwise known as mine.

 Damage Control

The happy ending of the story is that I was at home and within earshot to avert the crisis immediately. I am sure that had I been out of the apartment all day, my cat, who is not a strong swimmer or capable of dialing a telephone, would not have fared as well handling the emergency.  Even so, the damage to property was considerable. Toiletries and electric devices were waterlogged and stained beyond cleaning or repair, and three photographic prints which cannot be replaced were lost.  It’s fortunate that I do not have to deal with explaining to employers why I need to stay home to prepare for, keep an eye on, and clean up after workmen, who needed three visits of unpredictable timing and duration to put my bathroom back to rights. It’s good to be your own boss! 

 It Goes by in a Blur

Next week as some of you know I have planned a special post in honor of the one year anniversary of this blog, which began on August 9, 2010! It has been an amazing and sometimes crazy year, and you good people out there have helped make it rewarding and memorable, even though it now seems to have gone by in a blur!  Many thanks to my followers, old and new, near and far, and continued health and happiness to us all!


  1. Gabriella:

    It is truly a journey! Great post and great news about your photo book. I am glad everything seems to be under control at home. Yes, time goes by fast!

  2. Hello Luis - yes time does go by fast! Which reminds me, I need to go over to the Dashboard and do a little tour of everyone else's blogs! It seems if I am away for even a few days there is so much news and so many wonderful images to catch up on! All the best to you, my friend.

  3. Hey Gabriella,
    Love your calendar idea... I believe that's going to be a hit for sure. Your April showers however, yeah... a blessing that you were home!

    All the best to you :)

  4. wow, good to know it "could be worse" and all ended well.
    the bike idea is very good.
    ..and that first photo is really fantastic.
    good luck with it all.
    see you !

  5. Thanks for the vote of confidence, D! If it comes out looking in person anything like what I created online, the calendar will be quite handsome! Be well, my friend.

  6. Hi Caio! I'm glad you approve of my bike idea and liked the photo of the folded crane looking out the car window! I got your message about the post - I'm headed over there soon to check it out! Thank you!

  7. I am so happy you were able to get your bathroom fixed, but mourn (with you) the irreplaceable prints.

    I hope that the 'official' judges also recognise the value of your book, but we here have already awarded it prizes for honesty, integrity and beauty.

  8. It has been an amazing year ! a fruitful journey !

  9. Hi G - a blurry week indeed! Waiting for news, bathroom ceilings disintegrating and exciting projects underway. So glad you were home, otherwise the results would have been horrid. The calendar sounds like a great idea - hope it turns out as you hope...stay dry F

  10. Hi EC - that was a really good thing you said about the judges who have already awarded my book the most important prize - the acceptance and recognition of blogfriends like you really does mean a lot than a nod from "industry" people whose agendas and aesthetics can be so inscrutable and unpredictable! Thank you so much.

  11. Wong - yes, amazing AND fruitful! And I hope the next one is equally so for us all! Thanks for your comment.

  12. Fiona - thanks for the kind comment. My bathroom is now newly painted - no signs of the ruptured ceiling, but the floor tiles remain a little "shifty" after being immersed in water too long. I don't know whether the building management intends on giving me a new floor without being "prompted," and may just let it stay as is. I have other projects to make better use of energy and time! Go well, you.

  13. Gabriella,
    yes, your idea for the calender 2012 with bike-
    photographs (I remember a few)is a brilliant idea.
    Wish you a peaceful weekend..

  14. TT- that was a tough one. The life of an artist is really rough at the moment everywhere but it seems even more in the US. I a am just filled with admiration for you and B for all the things you try to make creative work and pay. It has been a long and challenging year. I hope that you have found that you have not made big $ from the year but know that there are souls out here across the globe even who can't offer the cash you might want from your art but at least offer you recognition for your creativity and a little energy to keep you going when even the ceiling is literally caving in. Keep believing, keep creating, keep searching for ways to get the balance that enables you to create and also put food (and wine of course) on the table. Go well. B

  15. Hi Monika - I am glad you like the idea of the bike calendar. I should be receiving the "prototype" next week and my next challenge will be to find a way to print up a batch of them for a low enough cost that I can sell them at an affordable price and not LOSE money on the deal! Have a great weekend, my friend and thanks for visiting me here!

  16. Hi Barry - you must have a sixth sense, always mentioning wine in your comments - last night's empty bottle of Aussie red (lovely blend of Shiraz and Viognier) has just been placed in the recycling bin! The week ended well. In addition to the newly painted walls and ceiling, the management has also supplied a new tile floor for the bathroom and written me a nice check to reimburse for the other damaged items. Just enough money does always seem to arrive when needed - the Universe is kind to us! - and the past year has indeed been more valuable in terms of the friendships I've made here than any amount of money earned! Many thanks, my friend, you and Fiona are a great part of what keeps me going!

  17. Time has flown, but it sounds like you've made good use of yours. Love photos of bikes - great idea. Hope your bathroom situation turns out ok - I intensly dislike situations such as these :)

  18. Hey TB - Yes, isn't it amazing how fast one year can fly by? Glad you like the bike idea. It's one of those simple subjects that can be full of endless possibility in the right hands, with no two takes alike. I can even see doing a book-length project, or even a collaborative collection one day! Hope you're enjoying the weekend and staying cool!

  19. Greetings Skizo! Thanks for the visit and the kind comment! All the best to you.