Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Happy Anniversary

“Believe the incredible. Do the impossible, against all odds and common sense.”

One year ago today, I began my first blog with those words. In that post, ambitiously titled “Bigger, stronger and longer lasting than anyone ever imagined,”  I offered words and images, my own and those of a few of my favorite kindred creative spirits, to give some idea of who I was and what I hoped to accomplish through, and document in, this blog. It’s been a year above and beyond anything I could have hoped for or imagined, and for that achievement I owe so much to my followers, with special thanks to the first to join, Brian and Caio, that I’ve decided to dedicate this post to you. In particular, I would like to celebrate the unique connections made possible by this blogging phenomenon, by sharing with you a selection of images of my works in their new homes around the country and the world, thanks to the continued sympathy and generosity of you good people out there. I'll be maintaining a special image file from now on, so if you'd still like to submit a photo of one of my creations in its new home (with or without its happy new owner in the picture), please feel free to email me and I will include it in a future post. Whether or not your names or images appear here, please know that you have my eternal gratitude, and my heart.

 My new book in the family home in NYC. My parents have been unswerving and tireless in their support of my artistic endeavors. 

 The scarf I made for my Mom decoratively arranged on the bureau in her bedroom.


There was some concern the scarf I made for my Dad last winter would not match his new coat, whose colors proved indescribable in words and uncapturable in images. Not a bad result! (Yes, that is indeed a wall-to-wall floor-to-ceiling bookshelf in the background, further explanation of where I am coming from!)

My sister-in-law Robin in Massachusetts looking up to “Happiness.” 

Karen Sylvester (aka Brian’s mom) in West Virginia showing off my books while wearing her cornflower blue wristwarmers.

 "Awakening," in the home of Brian’s sister Brenda.

 Another version of "Awakening," across the world in the Australian home of Elephant’s Child who had the strength not to keep all of her purchases for herself!

My good friend and fellow poet and also a damn fine farmer, Dave, who cleverly anticipated the theme of this post by mounting my notecards surrounded by some beautiful maps in his home in upstate New York. 

 Fiona Dempster, another friend from the land of Oz was good enough to send several photographs, among them, this one in which I can’t take my eyes off the Queensland view!

And another. Many thanks F for taking your task so seriously and creatively and holding up the card that bears the first image I posted on this blog!

 William Michaelian’s love of the written word is evident in this scene, what all good books must envision when they dream of heaven, which it turns out, is in Oregon. 

Today I end this post with the same lines I did one year ago, no less true now than they were then, and still written with joy:

Today is a new beginning for me. Who knows where this road will lead? Consider this an invitation for all the likeminded souls out there to follow me. There is much more to come.


  1. congratulations on all of your successes!


  2. Erin! So happy to see you here. I very much appreciate your comment! Timely. I admit I have not been so good leaving comments on your blog lately. So often, your words leave me knocked out with pure emotion and nothing clever to say! I was in fact just enjoying your photography blog and mortified to discover I was not officially following it, a lapse now corrected. I imagine you'll be hearing more from me from now on! So, here's to new beginnings.

  3. Ah, never did my morning coffee taste so good. What is a year? I still haven’t figured it out, and I doubt I ever will. Sometimes a day, or even an hour, lasts much longer. And then you awaken from your dream and ten years have passed, and you’re surrounded with a wealth of beautiful evidence, as is proven by these photographs and the joy and friendship they represent. Simply put, Gabriella, your efforts here are timeless, and I thank you for each and every one. It’s a privilege to watch this journey unfold.

  4. Nor mine, William, as I read your comment. Your thoughts echo my own on this anniversary. My definitions of such things as a year or a friendship or joy have changed so much over time, but happily it is an expansion, not a negation or contradiction of meaning. I hope I never figure it all out! Equal privilege, sir, to be allowed to unfold this journey of mine before such eyes as yours. Thank you, my friend.

  5. Happy anniversary and so beautiful continuing
    in your work.
    With more friendship to come!!
    Hugs from me, Darling…

  6. Monika dear, I am glad to have more of your friendship! Thank you for visiting - I send you my love.

  7. Happy anniversary. Hopefully the first of many.

    I am so happy to see the fruits of your creation at home across the world. I regret to say that the selfish part of me still regrets that I had the strength to give some of your work away. Where I should add it is much loved. To my knowledge your artistry now adorns homes in at least three States here in Oz.

    I can't remember what serendipity led me to you in the first place, but am so happy it did.

    Thank you. Lots. I hope your next year is full of magic and growth.

  8. Thanks, EC! I'm glad to hear that my work not only found welcome in your home but also reflected well on you as a gift-giver! I really must visit Oz sometime, especially since I am already there in spirit! I can't recall either how our paths crossed - I feel in some way that they crossed a long long time ago and we just had to catch up with that connection. Your good wishes for a year of magic and growth are truly appreciated - and reciprocated! Stay well, my friend.

  9. Hi G/TT - its been a pleasure having you in the blogosphere for a year; so so nice to make connections across the miles and may there be many more such celebrations. I really enjoy my wrist warmers when I have bunged my fingers playing sport; and enjoy dipping into both books. We are lucky with that view - you can see our boundary ends at the fenceline and the rest is for free!

  10. Fiona, so glad my creations found their way to you. I have your lovely feather print for company every day on the opposite wall as I work at my desk. Not as good a view as yours, but it will have to do! Be well, my friend.

  11. Congratulations!! It definitely sounds and looks like a accomplished year!

  12. Thanks TB! It's good to look back and recognize how far I've come in the past year, but that aint nothing compared to what I intend to accomplish in the year to come! Have a great weekend!

  13. Thank you, Luis! You've been such a big part of what made this past year memorable. have a great week, my friend.

  14. I love not only how creative you are, but how generous you are. Not many people are thoughtful enough to proudly show off their many achievements by including those they love and showing how each thing that was made is useful, beautiful, and inspiring.

    Well done! :)

  15. Phoenix, getting a comment like yours means so much to me! Sure we all want to make some good money at what we love to do, and the recognition of our particular "industry" isn't so bad either, but for me being an artist really is mostly about the human connections to be made, being a part of that, otherwise it's all just empty applause breaking up the endless solitude. So it's a pleasure and a privilege to be able to celebrate that. Thanks for stopping by and I hope all is well with you! Have a great week, T.

  16. You deserve all good things, my dear!
    In one year you´ve received all this gifts, and it´s just beginning...i can´t even imagine from now on.
    Also, congratulations for you book! Hope next year can see in your blog a picture of me holding it in my hands ;)
    Kisses from Brasil.

  17. Crissant, I am so happy to read your comment! You deserve all good things also! Hugs and kisses to you, my dear.

  18. Congratulations Gabriella!
    How much evolution and recognition, at this time!
    This was the beginning, much more to come!
    a huge hug dear!

  19. Cara Denise - thank you so much for your kind words. I agree, there is much much more to come!