Friday, February 25, 2011


Atelier Gabriella

As it seems to be the week for blogging artists such as Caio and Brian to invite you into their studios, I thought I would begin my post with some views of what will be my private atelier for the next four months.  As some of you know, since last summer, Brian and I have been sharing a large space that we were subletting from an established local artist who needed some time away from her work to refresh her creativity. There was always an understanding that we would be turning the room back over to her in the summer of 2011, and while we kept a watchful eye over her tools and works in storage, representing a long and full career in multiple media, there was always a limit to how far we could claim the space as our own.  So, last month when a new rental opened up down the hall in the same building, we jumped on it, even though the lease began in March, a little sooner than we needed it.

 Blank canvas

The added expense of paying for two studios for the next four months will certainly be far outweighed by the chance for each of us to expand into our own rooms and both create and exhibit our works separately during the big Open Studios event at Vernon Street on April 30th and May 1st. Brian has already shown the happy results of his new occupancy in his last post. The other side of that story is that the wall you have seen for many months in Brian’s posts as the background to his paintings in progress is now completely empty – and completely mine.

I must say there is both excitement and anxiety in facing the large white expanse I will be filling with my own creations over the next several weeks. With Brian’s worktable and supplies gone, there is a large central area available to me now that will be perfect for some ambitious photo shoots, as well as allowing me to set up a display environment more like an official gallery. In many ways it is time to put away little things, like the box of scarves and wristies that I will not be making or selling again until late in the year, and rise to a whole new level of professionalism as a photographer.

 Ready for storage

I will miss the quiet pleasures of gathering yarns and putting color combinations together to complete in a predictable number of hours an affordable and attractive item that requires little promotion to make a sale and see it go out into the world to be enjoyed. One of my last pieces on the fiber side of my creative activities was a scarf my mother requested after she saw what a beautiful scarf I made for my Dad recently. In the interest of fairness, and keeping their 58 year long marriage going, not to mention ensuring that my father actually gets to wear the scarf I made for him, I created a new scarf to my mother’s taste. She is as big a lover of black and white studies in contrast as I am, and you can see the proof below in the creation I mailed to her yesterday. This piece is the perfect transition to the black and white images I will be focusing on in my photographic works. It was very hard not to keep it for myself!

But now I must turn my attention to photography, a slower, more difficult, uncertain and demanding process, in creation and in promotion. Technically, I have a lot to learn, and personally, a lot to discover about myself. As I sat in the studio the first night that Brian’s things were all gone and I was alone for the first time in that beautiful empty space, beginning to feel myself rise to the occasion of being its one and only resident creative force, I sensed that everything that will be done and enjoyed in this realm of possibility over the next intense few months was already there with me, like friendly ghosts of the future I can’t wait to meet, and that is just as eager to meet me.

Shadow of a Future Self

Until then, I imagine there will be much traffic up and down the hall over the next few weeks as Brian and I visit each other. He has everything he needs in his new space to keep busy, inspired and entertained, including a nice big refrigerator for snacks and adult beverages! But the larger space of which I’ll be guardian still has the more comfortable lounging section for whenever we or our fellow decadent artists need to meet, relax, and unwind after a hard day at work, under a string of blue lights.

 After the end and before the beginning 

Like the seasons about to turn, I am in that moment after the end and before the beginning, when everything  and everything is possible. All the best to each and every one of you as we wait for what promises to be an amazing spring!


  1. oh my !! I am so impressed by the fact Brian has a large refrigerator for snacks !!! hahahah! I want one too !!!!
    Wonderful photos of the empity studio, it got so poetic.
    So you both are dominating the building now. hahah!
    it is good to watch and follow your progress.
    have a great weekend and inspiring moments in the new place !

  2. Hey.
    and tanks for the link , it is always good to be linked :D

  3. Hi Caio! Brian and I don't believe in the whole "starving artist" thing - we can't live with just "food for the soul" - we need food for the body too! I think we spend as much money on pizza as art supplies! Now Brian will have to do a post that features photos of his new refrigerator...

    I'm glad you can see the poetry of the empty studio. It is a good positive atmosphere and good things will happen there, I'm sure. Many thanks, my friend, for your good wishes!

  4. hahah!!! good for you, pizza IS as important as art .
    Pizza IS pure art !!!!
    God bless the "Pizzaiolos"

  5. So exciting for you, G!!! I can't wait to see all that is ahead for you!! How come Brian got the fridge with the adult beverages? lol. I think a wine rack may be in store for your!!

  6. Caio, I think I will use this as the theme for my next post!

  7. Manon - oh, don't worry, there is also a small fridge in my space, you know, the kind you see in college dorms? so we can keep separate parallel supplies of beverages. I actually thought about a wine rack! My only problem with those is I can never seem to keep them filled!

  8. Wonderful! Always exiting to work on a new space. Your images are beautiful Gabriella. Congratulations.

  9. It's so hard for me to imagine real space to go along with real art. For me it's all theoretical, yet. The floors, walls and light are exciting. My impulse is to sit in a chair and then fidget, perhaps leave. Ha! I'm curious to see what you will do, how this new (enlarged) space might impress upon you.

    All the best in creating!


  10. Gabriella,
    I have felt how this transition is positive!
    the place is very nice, with these windows and wooden floors ... so charming!
    ahhh ... wanted to visit you! ;))
    pity that we are only a tiny bit away'....

    the scarf of your mother, is the maximum!
    she'll love it!
    Moreover, you works so well with the lines!
    are real intricate designs of lines!

    well, prosperity and success
    are waiting for you!


  11. LUIS - thank you! Your kind words always mean so much to me.

  12. ERIN - I've been doing plenty of fidgeting already in the new studio, funny you mention that! I'm not used to real space for real art either. My photography usually happens wherever I and my camera happen to be, and the same goes for writing. I feel very lucky to have this opportunity, and intend on making the most of it! Thanks for visiting.

  13. Hello Denise! It would be nice to have you visit my studio! You would bring a great energy I'm sure. I will have to be satisfied with your visiting me in spirit with your good wishes and positive feelings! The scarf is scheduled to arrive in New York City and into my mother's hands sometime today. I will let everyone know her reaction! Many thanks for all your kind words, my dear.

  14. Wong Ching Wah - yes, my friend, you put the words exactly right! Silence but mindful. Have a great weekend!

  15. Dear Gabriella.
    As for Brian and Caio my best wishes also to
    you for your new studio.
    I can understand your excitement to fill the
    empty spaces with your art!

    Hugs from me

  16. Monika - I accept your best wishes! With so much good feeling coming from far away, I know this will be a happy and lucky place and time for me! Hugs back to you, my dear.

  17. Great news about the new creative space. I also love that so much of the discussion features pizza and wine - two faves of mine... However back to the business stuff! Its a very interesting time I think; getting to know a space; how it works, what it likes; how you expect it to work one way then modify it completely. It also feels as if you are on the cusp of a new adventure... and it all awaits! Go well and enjoy the ride!

  18. TT-so great that you and Brian have had and still have the courage to make the moves to make your art work for you. Having your own space will allow you to just be the creator you want to be and will be. Fiona and I love our spaces - we can junk and tidy them as the creative spirits allow us. Create well as you build up your collect for the open studios. And I love the last photo of the blue light. One of yours? Go well. B

  19. Fiona - yes, it was fun to see how the initial discussion focused on the refrigerator full of adult beverages and the need for a large portion of the budget to be set aside for pizza! I'm glad to hear you're one of us! We have already identified a small place nearby from which the owner himself (who is, I think, Albanian) will deliver pizza right to the studio for those nights we need to work late! Funny you mention having to modify the space according to its ongoing and changing likes and dislikes! That's already happened twice and I've only been in there four days! Go well, and thanks as always for your support and kindness.

  20. Barry - thanks for visiting and not mentioning wine or pizza! That last photo is indeed mine. Everything I post is mine unless I explicitly indicate otherwise. After a long day of work if we are not yet ready to pack up our things and head for home, there is a nice little nook with a couch and chairs to relax and unwind. The bright task lights in the main part of the room can all be shut down and the string of blue lights creates a lovely glow to sit underneath. Blue is such a soothing color! Go well.

  21. How exciting. I imagine a little scary too, but exciting most. And as an aside - in the little I have seen of your work I think that the amount of talent you display is aweinspiring and should perhaps be made illegal (unless you share it).

  22. Gabriella, this place is fantastic...
    so big...
    really fantastic,

    recently I'm wandering around the streets of my neighborhood, imagining a new atelier, a studio apartment, I see many places as possible and bright,
    fantastic and what would be the ideal workshop for each of us ...
    maybe I post some soon ..

    remain only dreams ... but it is nice to dream :-)

  23. Elephant's Child - you humble me with comments like that, thank you! I fully intend to share any and all of the work I produce. That is, after all, the completing step of the process - being seen by others - and sometimes it is when the work takes on its full true identity and life!

  24. Laura - good to see you here my dear! I am very excited about the space, and at the same time a little nervous about filling it, and at the same time SO GRATEFUL and blessed to be able to spend time there creating. I know that others are not so lucky, and surely also deserve an atelier of their own. In my studio building there are many spaces that remain empty for long periods, used once a week or once a month or even less often by the resident artist who rents it. I can't understand this! I will be in my new space every free moment I can find or make! Have a beautiful week, beautiful lady!

  25. I love all the possibilities the bareness of these studios presents. So bohemian.

  26. Hi Kass - thanks for your comment! Yes, there is nothing like the feeling of possibilities to come! Bohemian, indeed! Be well.

  27. One can never go wrong with pizza :) Congratulations on your new space - both inside and out to create!

  28. And it's another vote for pizza! Thanks for visiting, TB, and the good wishes for the new space. Stay tuned!

  29. Hey G, Thanks so much for sharing images of your studio space!! Your shots are totally moving! Blank Canvas, Floor Space and After the End and Before the Beginning are my faves! You sure know how to capture a moment :)


  30. Douglas - thanks for visiting! I'm really glad my images have an effect on you. I do try to do a little more than just offer something visually interesting, and infuse some sort of life or feeling into it. But I can't take full credit. To capture a moment is like stalking some wild elusive mythical creature - the skill of the hunter means nothing unless The Moment wants to be caught! Have a great March! Good things lie ahead for us all.

  31. I am so envious of your space. Looks wonderful.

  32. Many thanks Mo, for visiting me and for the kind words! I feel very lucky and grateful to have this space available to me and the time and energy to make full use of it! Take care.

  33. Congrats on the new space! Sounds like it will be an awesome change for you and create even more exciting opportunities :)

  34. Thanks, Phoenix! I do believe that change, however and whenever the results become clear, is always a positive thing! Have a great weekend!

  35. Wonderful post, great photographs. I can imagine how happy you are with your studio Gabriella....xoxo

  36. Thank you Monica! I am indeed very happy with my new space - maybe because I know I will have to leave it this summer, I am cherishing it and making the best of it while I can!