Monday, August 9, 2010

Bigger stronger and longer lasting than anyone ever imagined...

Believe the incredible. Do the impossible, against all odds and common sense. Above is a photograph I took a few years ago of the Cyclone rollercoaster at Coney Island in New York City, where I was born. At the time they were considering tearing down the old amusement park, which stands to this day. The quote is from my poem “Marvelous,” a tribute to the many feats of engineering and triumphs of imagination that have made my native city great. It all begins with daring to think the unthinkable and prove the naysayers wrong, as all my favorite artists who inspire me have done.

I have always been especially interested in artists who work in or combine more than one medium. William Blake and the ancient Asian painter-poet-calligraphers are a great inspiration to me. Music, writing, visual and plastic arts have all contributed to my sense of what is artistically possible, and beautiful. I feel each has something to learn and borrow from the other – poems should look and sound as good as they read on the page, music should touch your body and make words and pictures appear in your mind, and an image should have physical presence, and speak or even sing to you.

Where silence speaks my undiscovered name…

Words and image mine. Amazing what there is to see on a long winter walk in Manhattan. I nearly fell into a snowbank to capture this tiny delicate scene existing undiscovered in Riverside Park alongside a noisy busy city street. I hope always to include in my posts both my own work and thoughts and those of my favorite artists and thinkers. For me, being an artist is as much about absorbing what's around you as expressing what's inside you. Maybe more.

Begin again the story of your life...

The quote is from Jane Hirshfield, poet and Zen student, from her poem "Da Capo," which describes the endless yet strangely beautiful cycle of yet another heartbreak leading to yet another return to the joys of a new life. The image above is by Robert Frank from his book The Americans. Today is a new beginning for me. Who knows where this road will lead? Consider this an invitation for all the likeminded souls out there to follow me. There is much more to come. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Gabriella,

    Looking good!

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  2. i see this blog is going to be great.
    Brian told me about you and this page.
    he was right.
    I t is nice to meet you Gabriella.

    very good post, by the way.

  3. Thank you Brian for being my first follower and best promoter!

    Caio, thank you for your kind words about my new page. I've been following and admiring you for a long time without commenting so it is good to finally meet you here. I will do my best to be worthy of such great company!