Welcome to the Self Portrait Project, in which I imagine and capture myself occupying famous artworks depicting the female nude.  Every month I select a new subject and every month I will be posting about the experience and collecting the final image here on this page. See the first post here.

  La Toilette by Toulouse Lautrec...and me

I recently wrote on Facebook what now seems like as good a statement as any about why I am doing this, in case you were wondering:

 “This is not about vanity – though having worked very hard to create this body I am now finally proud to occupy and display after decades of not being able to view it without a cringe of despair, a little late life vanity seems pretty harmless and entirely earned at this point. This is also not about impersonating famous artworks to be clever – though it is pretty clever and just setting these shots up properly has been a really challenging exercise in composition and technique. It’s art and it's me, and I take neither lightly. But something else going on here is the underlying theme of every one of my source works portraying a female viewed and rendered by a man. However positive an image resulted, the woman is being captured as an object of male observation and translation. This series is a way of giving the model the power to control and create her own image as she chooses, and put her name on the finished product as its subject, maker and owner. I like to think of these images as an exploration of the choices the model would have made had the paintbrush or chisel or camera been put in her hands. I am noticing subtle differences that have appeared just because I am posing myself and presenting myself, and how I do this is just as important as whether the work works both as a response to the original and as a work on its own. Which is why I will keep doing this project, and learning from it, whatever happens to the finished pieces. And be grateful to those of you coming along on that journey with me.”

  11am by Edward Hopper...and me

 Morning in a City by Edward Hopper...and me

 Blue Nude by Picasso...and me

Venus de Milo...
 Venus de Mirollo

 Marilyn Monroe's Red Velvet shoot by Tom Kelley...and me

Two Classic Pinups : One
see the blog post here 

...and Two

 Phoenix in the Mirror by Imogen Cunningham...and me
see the blog post here 

Phoenix on her Side by Imogen Cunningham...and me

 Phoenix Recumbent by Imogen Cunningham...and me

by me...and Edward Weston
see the blog post here 

Images of a Young Lion and his Not so Young Kindred Spirit
see the blog post here 

Kamisuki (Women combing hair) East vs West
see the blog post here 

Odalisque by Ingres - and me
see the blog post here 

Odalisque by Delacroix - and me

Selected images of Lisa Lyon by Robert Mapplethorpe - and Me by Me
see the blog post here 

And then, after 12 months of art-inspired impersonations, I became myself. Here are some theme-driven examples of subsequent shoots, some that made it to blog posts, Facebook and/or Instagram, and others that only got as far as the Luminous Traces Collective site to which I contribute weekly posts. 

 from the View from Up Here series

from the Chakra Study series

from the Becoming Myself series, also Blankets, here

from the Shake it Off series

 from the Self Storage series

from the Tangled series

 from the Face to Face series

from Words Fail series

from Ghost in the Attic here 

and here


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    1. Thanks Kass! Stay tuned...I will be doing new installments every month more or less and I already have a few ideas for the next ones!