I am a poet, photographer and fiber artisan originally from Manhattan and now living in Vermont. My academic background is in creative writing, with my 1985 B.A. from Barnard College and my 2003 M.F.A from Vermont College of Fine Arts. My poems have appeared in many literary journals. But while I have always been attracted to and inspired by visual and textile arts, and have spent over two decades as a library assistant serving a series of special collections at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC and the Fogg Museum at Harvard among others, my artistic pursuits have always been private passions.  With its range of classic architecture, street scenes, waterfront views, grand parks and gardens, my home town, and the masters of black and white photography who have loved and captured it before me, continue to be a great inspiration for my images, studies in the stark geometries and contrasts of dark and light and surprising amount of human expression and emotion inanimate objects can offer to the sensitive eye. For the most part, my images are shot on film, scanned and printed with no further manipulation. I think of my work as a tribute to those old school artists who had no alternative but to cultivate the patience and leaps of faith required by shooting film, waiting for the right moment, then waiting again to see if it was captured as it was experienced, retaining the power to provoke that same reaction again. 

 which of us is subject, window, mirror, for all our gazing never coming nearer?


In 2010, I left my day job to become a full time working artist, a decision giving me the freedom to rethink, refine and display my works through artists’ blogs, outdoor art markets, and in my own studio space. Two Tigers Creations is the name under which I market my works, including a seasonal line of handmade scarves, wristwarmers and other accessories made from 100% alpaca fiber. All my fiber creations are one of a kind, based on the color schemes and patterns of favorite painters, leading me to consider them a little less than art but a lot more than craft. I do believe firmly that various art forms have a lot to say to each other. I often pair my mounted photographs with quotes from my own poems to bring out new layers of meaning. My blog posts always feature both word and image. 
For more information on my activities, including my ongoing photography project Studies in Contrast and where and how to purchase my work, please follow the linked tabs (another work in progress!) above. Enjoy! And thanks for visiting.