Sunday, February 9, 2014

How did it get to be February already?

I've been unforgivably absent from this space for far too long. I promise to put up a nice long thoughtful piece of writing soon, but in the meantime, as winter winds down, and my life is less and less occupied by the making and selling of warm fuzzy accessories, I offer you a nice short thoughtful piece of writing instead. Those of you who follow me on Facebook will have already seen this, but poems, particularly love sonnets, don't really seem to fit well in that medium so I am re-posting here. Enjoy.

Heart Shaped Balloon

Not claimed but not discarded,
here is the heart I took for a walk,
that nearly got crushed in a closing door,
tangled in the branches of a leafless tree.

I had to pull it back from playing in traffic.
Every little wind brought it down and up,
the one red thing in a bleak winter landscape,
floating on a slender silver string

I could have untied at any time,
setting it free. Instead I brought it home
to keep in suspense saying over and over
I LOVE YOU for no one to see but me,

when I lie every night staring up at the ceiling,
holding a space that’s yours for the stealing.