Tuesday, January 1, 2013


 Something Spectacular
To commemorate my 50th birthday on December 7th 2012, for a long time I had been making plans to give myself something spectacular, a landmark event like running my 50th marathon in my 50th state, or getting a magnificent expansive tattoo, or traveling somewhere far away and exotic like New Zealand.

Rather Unremarkable

But life had other plans. I haven’t run a marathon, gotten a tattoo or traveled out of my time zone in over two years, and it turns out I spent a good chunk of the actual day I crossed into my next half century on the Ethan Allen crossing from the city of my birth back to the city of my current residence.  For a lover of Vermont, New York, and riding the rails, this was apt activity to be sure, but it was on the whole, rather unremarkable. Yes, the visit that preceded this return was a series of reliably inspiring but hardly noteworthy experiences, true to form for my many happy December trips to NYC, some of which you’ve seen documented in this space. And the day after my birthday I had good sales and conversations at the farmer’s market and a nice dinner out, so, no complaints to register, just a mild sense of having missed out on something big.
Shift of Focus

But my birthday falling between one holiday of giving thanks and another of just plain giving gave me the idea to shift my focus from what I could do for me to what I could do for someone else. To make a long story short, my resources being quite limited, I had to give literally of myself, in the form of a donated ponytail following a haircut in New York, and a pint of blood at Rutland’s annual Gift of Life Marathon.  As of this writing I am still working through a short list of things I can give that do not involve money I don’t have. Add to that list giving some long overdue news updates to any of you out there still following this blog.

So what have I been up to since my last post last August? It turns out, not much. Photography continues to defer to crocheting as my primary creative endeavor, if only because warm handmade accessories sell better than abstract black and white images. Keeping the bills paid continues to dominate daily thoughts and activities more than I would like, but already there are signs 2013 will be a little less exhausting in this regard. Have I yet decided what this blog is going to be in 2013? Will I ever join Facebook? It’s a little early in the new year for answers to these imponderables. For now, I simply wanted to extend my gratitude to everyone who in one way or another gave me the gift of helping to get me through 2012, one of the most difficult years I’ve known, and am happy to see the end of, and to give you all my best wishes for a happy healthy fulfilling new year. 

 To be continued…