Sunday, April 14, 2013

One Week in April

 Sunday April 7th

This is how my week begins, with a work desk full of items in progress, from newly purchased colors to pieces just begun, to those one hour from being finished and every stage in between. This is my Array of Possibilities greeting me Sunday mornings after the Saturday market is done and gone and my next priority is to find a way to create new inventory by next Saturday. In the image above I can see everything I ideally want to create and how many hours each project represents. I also know how many hours I have to give in any given week. They are never the same number.

For those of you in the know, fiber does not always arrive in nicely wound balls you can crochet from. Usually it comes in a twisted loop called a skein, which needs one of these reeling contraptions to get into ball form. The machine does spin on its own momentum, but my hands get things started and keep them going. This “modern” device replaces a second set of willing hands which are almost never available for this sort of thing nowadays, or in a pinch, the back of a chair. Many a time-consuming tangle has been avoided thanks to this invention, which, like most designed for primarily women’s work, seems to allow more labor under the guise of making it easier. 

Beading the Purple

This scarf came with me to my weekday job last week and almost made it to Saturday market but for two hours of fringe and beadwork I refused to wake up at 4am instead of 6am to accomplish. If all goes well, the new yellow scarf seen below will get further along than its purple cousin.  Seeing 6 inches added to an item each day has always felt to me not like an additive but a subtractive process, in which the piece is not so much growing, as the empty space I can already see it filling is disappearing.  I like to think of all creative processes as an erasing of emptiness, a conquest of the negative. Wherever there seems to be nothing, there really is something waiting to happen – we just can’t see it, or haven't made it, yet.

Monday April 8th on lunch break at work

 Tuesday April 9th at home half watching tv

Wednesday April 10th end of day

 Thursday April 11th

 Friday April 12th before bed

Saturday April 13th 6am


Anything not done by bedtime Friday carries over to a rushed Saturday morning session reminiscent of those reality shows where a timer goes off and someone yells “utensils down!” I actually keep a clock on my workdesk. Once 8am rolls around, whatever is done is done, and whatever isn’t stays home. Sales have been poor the past two weeks, a mixed blessing, as I could have used the money, but as a result, I was able to build inventory and present an impressive table at market, the yellow scarf being part of the display.

Farmers Market Saturday April 13th 

On Saturday night, I update my records, make notes on the market and plans for the new week, which brings us back to Sunday morning. Here is the beginning of the scarf I will work on all week, which only a week ago was just a skein of yarn being wound on a reeling machine.

Sunday April 14th

If I can’t meet my usually overly ambitious weekly goals by market, I at least like to end Sunday with the week’s items finished and brand-new projects planned and ready to bring with me over the next few days. These two wrist warmers feature Pima cotton, part of my new lightweight spring line. For some reason I chose to make one of each instead of following through with one pair at a time. They languished half-done all of last week while I focused on the purple scarf, and the same thing happened this week with the yellow scarf demanding all my attention as it got closer to completion from day to day. Maybe after I write this post I can finally give each of these now solitary items their proper mates!

Maybe Tonight

Also today I hope to send out a spring newsletter to my current mailing list. If you have not already signed up, please do. I only send out a few newsletters a year, and with my recently irregular blog posting habits, it's a good way to find out what I've been up to. Meantime, you can always find my most current newsletter under the NEWS tab at the top of this page.  Many thanks to my faithful followers, and happy spring - or autumn, depending on your hemisphere!


  1. Hey G! It's awesome seeing you here... and of course reading about your latest works in progress. And awesome work it is! Happy spring to you!

    1. Hey D - awesome seeing you here too! I think of you whenever I look up over my desk to my beautiful calendar - especially since April mirrors the original artwork hanging right above it! Hope all is well with you.

    2. G, I though you'd be a fan of 2013's painting of the month! Thanks to you and B, that painting didn't have a chance to make it out into the public. And I couldn't think of a better home!!

  2. You rock; who else could produce such beautiful creations all week long. I look forward to catching up soon.

    Amanda B.

    1. It aint easy, I'll tell you that, especially for a Sadge who wants everything to happen now if not sooner! Not all weeks are as productive as the one documented above but doing any kind of creative activity does keep me from getting too bogged down by the daily grind. Don't know if you'll see this today, but Boston is in my thoughts after yesterday's tragedy at the marathon. Hope everyone is okay down there.

  3. Firstly, 'Happy Spring' Gabriella!
    I see that the colors [and your hands] are very active in your days!
    I love to see and know about your creative process; the finished pieces are always amazing! I admire how you manage your valuable time!
    I wish much success!
    a huge hug autumn, Denise

  4. We are finally moving into Autumn, one of my favourite times of the year. Happy Spring to you, and I hope you get all the new growth/regrowth your heart and life requires.
    I love the colours you are working with at the moment - vibrant, luxurious and sensuous. Your market stall looked magical, and I hope that sales improve for you very soon.

    1. EC - you were one of the people I was thinking of in terms of opposite seasons! I'm glad you are moving on into autumn, as our move into spring has been delayed and frustrating! Yesterday was the first real spring day we've seen, and we were still dealing with wintry snow and sleet only a week ago! Your good wishes mean a lot to me. Glad too you noticed my colors. People tend to go all pale and pastel-y this time of year, but I think springtime is about a riot of bold color! Sending you my love.

  5. Hi G/TT - I loved the weekly diary - watching things grow and hearing how you allocate the time to make sure things happen. The market stall looked wonderful and I hope sales take off soon, altho as you say you got to make a stack of stuff which is very good! Enjoy the making and the working, go well F.

    1. It's all about time allocation, isn't it? One must always work so hard to make room for the things that feed the soul as well as the bank account in proper proportion! Wishing you and B all the best.

  6. TT/G - such a buzz to see such creativity; and doing the weekday work-work as well. I realise that I'm commenting after F - and send you similar wishes - that you just continue to create because it brings you joy and may folk discover you and buy your stuff so that you can spin more joy for yourself. Go well. B

  7. Thanks B for echoing F's wishes - can't get enough of the good vibes from down under! It is a real challenge keeping things in balance, but it is a joyful challenge most of the time, and at any rate, the only way I know how to live - the imperative to create is just too strong to deny, and the need for work-work will continue to weave in and out of our lives - until we manage to win the lottery! Much love to you both.