Tuesday, August 30, 2011

About Time

8.5 by 11 inches

Whether you are seeing summer slip away to be replaced by fall, or are in the part of the world where the first signs of spring are promising an end to winter, it is probably equally hard to consider that 2011 is more than half over and 2012 just around the corner! To ease any distress you might feel at the cruel and inevitable march of time, I’ve prepared a new 2012 calendar, now available exclusively here on my website, in a full-size wall format, suitable for hanging, and a smaller desktop version. 


 8.27 x 3.74 inches

To order yours now, simply click the BUY NOW buttons below the images at right, which will remain long after this post has been superseded. To have a look inside the calendar, please visit my IMAGE SHOP page by clicking on the tab underneath my header. They make wonderful gifts, so order yours while supplies last! The wall calendar is 17 dollars, with 5 to ship (10 international) and the desk calendar is 10 dollars, with 5 to ship (10 international). 


Thanks to a customer who purchased one of my images of a snowbound bicycle and then inquired whether I had any more images of bicycles, I’ve been spending the past few months finding and capturing bicycles on film in interesting and sometimes amusing situations. I am not a rider of bicycles, and approach them with the eye of a poet and photographer, not an athlete or a commuter attempting to keep myself or the planet healthy.


I’ve always been attracted to objects that owe their particular shape and in fact their existence to a specific human need, and how strange they look when humans are not around. Bikes especially seem particularly odd, and even a bit forlorn, when they are at rest and alone. This sense of expectation and abandonment is what I was drawn to in the photographs collected into my calendar. The bikes in these images all have a full past and a promising future but seem a little lost in the present moment of my taking their picture. I choose to read into their suspended animation a message of hope. They seem to say “the readiness is all.”   

 AFTER THE STORM - perhaps for the 2013 calendar?

One final note: I’ve had some inquiries lately about images that appear here on my blog but have not appeared in my shop as printed and mounted items for sale. As a rule, I am always willing to do custom work for anyone interested in a print of one of my images. Don’t be shy! Please feel free to contact me and we can work out a fair price based on size and format and whether you’d like your photo shipped already mounted or as a loose print. My shop will be undergoing more updates as the gift-giving season approaches, so stay tuned!


  1. Beautiful!
    Congratulations, dear Gabriella!
    You´ve been doing great creations to share your art.

  2. Thank you Crissant! Your opinion means a lot to me because you also create such beautiful things! I hope you are having a great week. Much love to you.

  3. Thanks Luis! Glad you made it through Irene in one piece! Have a great week.

  4. I'm echoing everyone else. Beautiful. And I love that you can extract and share the potential and the beauty of a (temporarily?) abandoned bike.
    Thank you - have a great week.

  5. EC - I'm really pleased with how this calendar turned out so it's great to know people seem to like it! It really is "about time," as I've been thinking about doing one for years. Thanks for your comment!

  6. Hey G! It's so awesome to see this come together for you! I've been anticipating this since Brian emailed a couple of months ago asking about calendar production... I'm smiling big for you!

  7. Hey D - I can feel the energy of that smile all the way up here! This was a really fun thing to do - and will probably become an annual event. I'm hoping once the reality that the year is two thirds over sets in, folks will start thinking ahead to the gift-giving season! Thanks for stopping by.

  8. Since you're writing, I trust that you made it through the hurricane okay.

  9. Yes, thanks, Snowbrush! So many had it a lot worse than we did here in the Boston area, or even in NYC where my parents were ready for a crisis and had none. My beloved Vermont was especially hard hit and may take a long time to recover. Very hard to watch some of the footage of places I've known and loved in such a sad state. Feeling quite lucky really. Be well.

  10. Your calender with the bicycle images seems so
    very artistic!!!
    Unfortunately the New Year is coming soon..
    that we all need to buy a new calender!
    No doubt!!
    Send my greetings....

  11. Thank you so much Monika! It does seem strange that 2012 is coming soon! I thought maybe it was too early to produce a calendar but then I am already seeing them in shops and online so I may even be a little LATE! Everything goes so fast these days! Sending my love across the ocean to you...

  12. Hi G/TT - this looks wonderful and a great way to get your art/photography out there! We'll be heading to the checkout soon I hope. Glad that you made it thru Irene OK - but so sad about Vermont; some of the images and stories are so difficult to imagine; but people are living them. Take care and sell well!

  13. Hi Fiona - hope your weekend is going well! The calendar really is a good idea - I've seen other artists do it as a collection of recent work, and while it seems a little bit "commercial" and as a mass-produced item not exactly "art" it does give people a chance to enjoy my images in their home or office without committing to a more expensive piece. That is what it's about after all, being able to share what I do!

    From what we are hearing from friends in Vermont, the hardest hit cities are already bouncing back - they are a very hearty bunch there and tend not to sit around feeling defeated when they can just roll up their sleeves and get it done! I'm sure they will be okay given time.

    Thanks for your comment!

  14. Hey, G

    Sorry I haven't been around in a while.....guess I haven't been around...lol!!!

    When I get settled somewhere, hopefully soon, I will most definitely order some stuff from you!! Love that you put out a calendar!! I am also interested in those hand warmers that you make!! : )))

    Btw.....the leaf necklace sold at auction for over $250!! It was a great project!!

  15. Hey M! Everybody's been busy lately it seems - no sooner back from summer vacations than right into all sorts of new obligations for fall, so I totally get not being around! Anything of mine you'd like to order will be ready waiting for you whenever you get settled. Let me know if you have a preferred color scheme for the wrist warmers and I'll make you a custom pair. Timing is perfect - I am just now stocking up on yarns and buttons and thinking about new designs and palettes and will be entering full production mode in the next few weeks. So, keep in touch!

  16. wow, gabriella, I can't believe I lost all these posts again !
    by the way.
    what a fantastic collection of photographys. I loved the concept too.

  17. I don't know how these posts keep hiding from you! Thanks for visiting, better late than never! I'm very happy with how the calendar looks. The first buyers have given me good comments so far! Have a great weekend, my friend.

  18. Congratulations! :)
    great job! very beautiful and elegant!
    I wish much success!

  19. Thank you so much, dear Denise! I am happy with the way this calendar looks. So far it is getting a good reception from people and I hope it will be a big success. Hugs to you, my friend.