Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Day

We are in the midst of blizzard conditions here in the Boston area, so what better way to spend a housebound day than writing and taking photographs through my snow-encrusted window? The last news report claims we already have over a foot of snow in my area and we are not even halfway through the storm! And as if that weren’t impressive enough, Brian actually walked over to the studio this afternoon to paint!

I’ll create a longer more thoughtful essay later this week, but I just wanted to share these photos, fresh out of the camera, and also thank all my followers, old and new, for such a warm response to my last post. I have never been called brave and beautiful by so many people whose opinions I actually trust! It’s a good thing I have decades of low self-esteem to counterbalance this great outpouring of compliments or I would surely be walking around with a swelled head!

Thanks to all of you, I’m going to continue my project of self-portraiture and see where it leads. It’s a whole new way for me of looking at my photography, its purpose and potential. So, many thanks to all for such a favorable response towards this initial effort. One of the photos appeared as Number 89 on Ria Vanden Eynde's awesome blog The Body Nothing Else, recommended to me by dear friend Monica. I urge you to check out both these wonderful sites. And now, in the interest of furthering one of my New Year's intentions to sometimes be quiet and let images speak for themselves, here are more snow photos. All the best to each and every one of you, but especially those of you in cities dealing with the ravages of Mother Nature at her most destructive, and the effects of human nature at its worst.


  1. Gabriella, love looking at the snow through your window. Thank you.

  2. Thank you, Luis! Maybe tomorrow when it is no longer snowing HORIZONTALLY, I will go out and take some pictures of what it looks like out on the streets! Even only a few hours after taking the photos above, the snow has accumulated at least six more inches on all the windowledges and branches and filled up the whole courtyard!

  3. Wow, beautiful snowphotos,I like the second and the last ones best,I'm already looking out for the 'outside' ones.
    I have been browsing 'The Body Nothing Else' blog, thanks for the tip, wonderful project and beautiful, touching art.
    Enjoy your white world, keep warm and shooting!
    Love Renilde

  4. I'm glad you liked these, R! There is something very comforting being warm and quiet indoors while the world outside gets blanketed in white!

  5. Gabriella, I grew up in the mountains at 1.000 meters altitude, I'm used of lot of snowt I'm , but I have never seen in my life snowflakes as large as those of the first photo! hihiihihi I remember that as I was small, we children are always said, about large snowflak " it is snowing pillowcases" :-)

    your foto are so beautifull Gabriella, so full of emotions and saul, love these foto and looking at them, and reading your write, I have had such a good feeling, it is so nice to know the place of my friends here on blog, I felt like coming to your house for a cup of tea, and this like so usual to me... as if I were them really come in another life... or in the past... very intresting

  6. Hi Laura! Yes, the snowflakes were very big this morning, and the wind was throwing them onto the screen in big clusters like feathers! I like your idea of the pillowcases! I am very glad you like my images and words. Cara, you are welcome to share a cup of tea with me here in my home any time - past, present or future! Now I feel as if you are here with me watching the snow together...

  7. Such lovely photos. The straggly weed is so forlorn. Is there someone behind one of those windows or is it reflections?

  8. KASS - I am glad you liked these photos and felt the same tinge of sadness in the straggly weed! There is even less of it now keeping above snow-level! Where do you see someone in the window? I suppose there are always faces behind windows...real or reflected...

    JOAO - Obrigado e bem-vindos!

  9. love the black and white images of the snow gabriella. such contrast and shadow and depth. I rarely see snow, and love seeing the images from places where my friends live. have a wonderful housebound day doing things that you love.


  10. Wow!! You guys are getting hammered!! Your pics are beautiful!! Maybe we should all look to moving South and avoiding this kind of!!

  11. Parts of our country is inundated with flood waters at the moment, Gabriella, so I am in a sombre mood.

    It's a long way from where I live but one of my brothers and his family live nearby in Queensland.

    The climate can be frightening, more frightening than we realise until disaster strikes.

    You are familiar with these sorts of cold conditions where you live I expect, but for me it would seem terrible. We never see snow here in Melbourne, but there are plenty of droughts and flooding rains.

    Fantastic photos. They make me cold to look at them.

  12. T - isn't it great to have friends in places with such different landscape and weather who can give us firsthand reports of their alternate conditions? It's like making a trip around the world to visit a friend - without having to leave the comfort of home!

    MANON - Yup, slammed alright. And it got worse after these pictures were taken! It's still coming down here at dinnertime...I don't mind winter, really. It can be a beautiful season at its best! But when it all melts into gray slop and then re-freezes into sheets of ice in a few days, and I'm slipping and sliding on the sidewalk, I'll be spewing curses and vowing to move South!

  13. ELISABETH - I've been following the news and images of Qld with great anxiety and sadness. I hope your brother will be okay and that conditions will begin to improve soon. As with rain, so with snow - it all depends on where you are. The east coast here has so many ins and outs, one town can receive 12 inches, and another a mile inland can receive 24, or vice versa, depending on whether the storm comes from sea or land. So too, one person's cosy day spent observing picturesque snow accumulation from the safety of her sturdy brick apartment building in the city can be another person's nightmare in the suburbs as a snow-laden tree crashes through their roof and narrowly misses their sleeping child. Nature can be terrible or beautiful, or both, and sometimes the difference is only a matter of miles - inches - or pure luck. Consider me one of the lucky ones today, and grateful for it. Thanks for stopping by, E, and stay well!

  14. So beautiful to have friends from all over the world, and from you very beautiful white photographs. Surely you should continue them and with the white writings.... thanks.

    Best wishes

  15. Hey Doug! Glad you liked these - and I didn't even have to leave the house, though I did have to crack a window! Thanks for stopping by!

  16. Lovely pictures Gabriella. I love winter and snow and above it all, winter and snowing at night. The all conform the perfect excuses for the people to keep at home and thus leaving and unknown world of silence outside for those who dare to explore it. as I always use to say, I like those images that contain not only light but also sounds, feelings, all the things which conform a whole environment.
    And here I can hear the wind whispering some secrets to the ear of the one who keeps aware.

  17. Gabriella,
    your photos are fantastic.
    I hope that with this weather condition nobody
    gets hurt!!
    Here in Athens is the weather still mild..
    Today is 18C. Can you imagine?

    Big hugs from Athens!

  18. WONG - I am glad you liked these! Yes, it is a very different world from the one I am able to enjoy thanks to your photos from far away! It's good we can have this exchange!

    ALBERTO - As you can see from my next post, I did indeed venture forth as soon as the snow stopped and night fell. It was a magic scene and I was the only one with all my sense wide open, free to roam the silence and whiteness!

    MONICA - I can feel the warmth of your hug from Athens! It will be many months before I see 18 c on the thermometer! I'm very happy you like my photos. Take care, my dear!

  19. Gabriella, your photos are REALLY REALLY good.....
    ohhhh.... i need an oportunity to take photos of places like this !
    I can't stop looking to it .
    fantastic !

    hugs .
    have a lovely weekend .

  20. CAIO! Good to see you here, my friend. It means a lot that you like these photos, you have such a strong visual sense that I respect! There is definitely something special about these urban landscapes in the Northeast in winter - I love stark extremes and contrasts in subjects and after a big snowfall the whole neighborhood is one big black-and-white photography opportunity!

    Hugs to you too, and a great weekend!