Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Far and Away

Approaching a City by Edward Hopper

So. My apologies, but you are just going to have to wait a week or two to read my promised ponderings on the sense of taste! In a few days I am leaving for a much deserved long vacation, on which I intend to make full use of my sense of taste, among other things, and I realize I will not have time for a fully considered post before I go. Instead I wanted to use this space to let you all know that while away I will do my best to keep current with what is going on in your bloglives - if only to diminish the daunting task awaiting me on my return of doing justice to days and days of your good thoughts and images to absorb and properly respond to!

head in the clouds

Someone in blogland recently noted that there exists a perception that if you don’t blog about it, it didn’t happen (thanks Alexandra!). I rarely use this venue for personal reports or announcements. Readers must think all I do is stare at the clouds and think about things, make things, and think about thinking about making things, and then write about writing about it! And dwell in the past (if only to keep its lessons immediate and useful). Perhaps I am nothing but a cloud formation myself, bodiless and elusive. My desire when I began this blog only 3 months ago was to give myself a place to indulge my musings on art and life, in a way set apart from the trivia of mundane concerns, and maybe reach out to some good likeminded souls along the way, by being both intimately confiding and hopefully somehow universal . This venture has more than exceeded my expectations, both as a personal outlet and as a gathering point for others’ enriching insights I would never have found in any other way. 

social networking

Maybe someday soon I’ll join facebook or some other more social network in order to give more access to the side of my life that is not about wordplay and image making. You know, where I can post images or news of events that are actually happening to me in the present as opposed to portraits of inanimate objects and myself at a fraction of my current age.  My life is about to be very much about present events and adventures worth documenting and I suppose they merit their place as well. But before that can happen it is time for some time off. Must remember, even if I bring my laptop with me, that I am on vacation! See you in December and blog on!


  1. Have a wonderful vacation time. Will be waiting for you.

  2. Gabriella - Your presence here has been for me thought provoking. Your images have given me a sense of knowing you, what you respond to. Your tattoo's are "cool", Ha! You have made Two Tigers a journey here.I love how you take the time to comment on works that stir you.

    Thank you.

    Have a great vacation.

    'on the flip-side'


  3. God bless your blog and your initiative to get into internet .
    Have a nice travel full of wonderful experiences .

  4. LUIS - thanks for the good wishes!

    ROBERT - I'm glad that I am able to get through a sense of who I am through these postings, I am all about honest communication, and still I have been misunderstood or mistaken or even dismissed many times in my life - so perhaps I have simply finally found the right people to speak my truths to, the ones who listen with an open heart and mind. Your responses mean a lot to me, R. I'll be back soon!

    CAIO - you found me quickly this time! I am sorry that all I had to say was "see ya later!" I will keep an eye on you while I'm away. Your unapologetic "freedom of speech" in your blog continues to be an inspiration to me whenever I wonder if I should be so honest - I think, what would Caio do? Hold back to soften the truth and make it easy for the weakminded? NO WAY!! Hugs to you from Sleepy Somerville.

  5. This is your space and i´m glad to know all these "little thing" you want to share with us. The "littles things" are an important part of ourselves and we can tell a lot of thing of our intimate life through them.
    Your blog is great!

    We´ll be waiting.
    Enjoy your free time!

  6. I have nothing to say any more. All the good
    thinks have been said.
    Only have a good ride and don't forget us!!
    Hug you!

  7. Joining Facebook is like entering a Wal-Mart Superstore for the first time. Beware.

  8. have a great vacation gabriella, and don't waste time sitting on the internet when you can be out there seeing, hearing, smelling, absorbing all those wonderful new travel experiences. ENJOY>


  9. enjoy. your words and images will be missed as well as you.

  10. That's what this is space is all about - you; and that's part of what makes blogging so great - that people are taking an interest in you. Enjoy your time away.

  11. You deserve that vacation, enjoy and don't forget your camera ! Have a good and safe trip...

  12. Hehe, blog on you too!!
    Enjoy your vacations, that is the best advice and can give you. Let your self feel free and believe that everything is possible while on hollidays. Maybe it is despite it all, if we only could believe so.
    See you in december Gabriella and keep well.
    all the best for you!!

  13. I can only say I'm glad you started blogging, I have enjoyed your posts( subjects and writing style).
    Have a lovely relaxing,inspiring,all senses pleasing vacation. 'Till december x, Renilde.

  14. CRISSANT - I am so glad you appreciate all the little things - I will do my best to come home from vacation refreshed and ready to share again! Hugs to you.

    MONICA - impossible to forget you! Thank you for the good wishes.

  15. DON - yes, this is why I have avoided both places up until now! I hear things...but maybe as with other unavoidables I have successfully kept out of my life, by the time I am ready to embrace them, something new will have taken their place and the cycle can begin all over again! Maybe one day retro in-person conversations will come back in fashion! Think of it - face-to-face-book!

  16. JAMES - thanks for your good wishes!

    T - I'll do my best to keep the laptop closed and my senses open! Thanks for visiting.

    DEANNA - it's good to know I'll be missed! Many thanks.

    TB - It is still amazing to me that anyone would want to read what I have to say! Much less enjoy it and be moved by it. I'll be back soon enough!

    WONG - I will be bringing two cameras, digital and film! I hope to bring home some nice images to share!

  17. ALBERTO - This is why I love to travel, not so much for the time off, and being away from regular life demands, but because whenever I travel I do feel free and like everything is possible! Sometimes it is just little things, discoveries, meetings, scenic views - you are right, to believe it is to achieve it! Thank you for your kind words, my friend.

  18. RENILDE - I am very happy to hear that my posts please you. When I started this I had no idea I would meet so many wonderful people like you to inspire me. Thank you for the good wishes for my vacation. Relaxing? What's that??? I intend to find out. Best to you, my dear.

  19. Thanks Patti! I will be taking a certain blue box with me on my travels (if that doesn't count as FUN vs WORK, what does?) and I will have a nice surprise package ready to ship back to you when I return!

  20. Have a great vacation!! Have fun and relax. Btw..... join FB!! I was hesitant at first but I'm having so much fun on it. I find it so much easier with the art page than my blog.

  21. Hi sweet gabriella,

    like others also said above, i'm so happy that you have started this blog and to meeting you. Your posts are so inspiring.
    The comment from Don about FB made me smile, i have also a FB account, but it will never give so much joy as a blog. Although the possibility to chat with some-one there is nice. (never done that yet)

    Enjoy your trip, and yes, stay away from the computer, knowing that you have a wonderful time, enjoying yourself brings pleasure to me. And i patiently will be waiting till the time is there to read your words and photo's from this journey.

    Have a safe trip, enjoy yourself.
    Hugs and xoxo for you!

  22. MANON - thanks for the reminder to relax. I'm pretty good at it, once I let go of all the obligations and leave them behind! Okay, okay, I'll join FB!! Just don't look for me soon - there are already many other things on the to-do list for when I get home!

    LUNA - I think when I get my FB account I will try to keep it only for certain types of communications that are best served in that format. But I will always love to write these posts, they make me think long and hard about things and make me a better writer, and allow me to reach out in a much more detailed and revealing way to others, which makes for a more substantial exchange of sympathies. Quick and brief can be good, but I prefer the long lingering one-on-one conversation - the kind that continues into the night until the wine is gone and the sun is rising...

  23. Best wishes for a happy, relaxing, renewing and reinvigorating holiday! Travel safe, 'see' you when you're back! F

  24. Man thanks, Fiona! Perhaps I will finally have time to sit back and ponder all that has happened in the past few short months, and return prepared to begin a whole new phase of creativity in 2011, thanks to so many wonderful new influences on my life I've found here! To see such good work being done by such good people gives me that extra oomph to take my own work just about any direction! Stay well.

  25. That should read MANY thanks, of course. Bit of a headcold this morning!

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